Academic Internship Program


The Academic Internship Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice provides students the opportunity to participate in meaningful experiences that connect their educational foundation in the field with real-world responsibilities.


The Academic Internship Program is an integral part of a students’ path to career discovery.  This program supports students in discovering, experiencing, and deciding upon future career goals.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) 

By the completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Identify future career aspirations and goals
  • Recognize professional strengths and areas for improvement
  • Articulate how specific college courses and learned concepts relate to the internship experience
  • Communicate how the career-related information gained from the internship experience changed or confirmed future academic and career plans
  • Associate how knowledge gained from the internship experience will be used in other areas of life (social, jobs, classes, community service)


Structure of the Program

The structure of the internship program includes a portion of time spent in the classroom with the faculty supervisor and a portion of time at the internship site.  The amount of time spent at each location is determined by the amount of credits allotted to the internship course and to the grade-level of the internship course (undergraduate or graduate).

Internship Class Meeting  +  Internship Fieldwork  = Academic Internship Program

Responsibility of the Student

  1. To search for and secure an appropriate internship experience.
  2. To maintain good attendance at internships and to notify their supervisor of absences.
  3. To set learning goals acceptable to their organization and the college.
  4. To show progress in learning appropriate specialized work skills.
  5. To accurately document all internship site hours in their John Jay Careers Online account.
  6. To complete all assigned paperwork for the Academic Internship Program.


Responsibility of the Center for Career and Professional Development 

  1. To assist students in selecting appropriate internships.
  2. To assist students in preparing for the internship search process.
  3. To consult with employer supervisors, in the event of a problem, at the internship site.
  4. To maintain accurate records of internship sites, student documents, and course registrations.


Responsibility of Internship Course Faculty

  1. To develop syllabi in accordance with College standards specifying; learning outcomes, academic coursework, supervision, assessment, and conditions for termination of internship placements.
  2. To require students to report periodically on their progress at the internship site. This can be done through journaling, assignments, class participation or presentations.
  3. To communicate with the site supervisors, as necessary, though phone calls, emails, site visits or reports about student performance.


Responsibility of Site Supervisor

  1. To orient students to the organization.
  2. To provide a safe work environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.
  3. To provide a learning environment that contributes to the student’s personal and professional growth.
  4. To make available equipment, supplies, and space necessary for the student to perform his/her duties.
  5. To supervise students through weekly conferences for the purpose of assisting them in their learning experience.
  6. To appraise students of their performance, complete and return a semester evaluation of each student’s performance.
  7. To advise the faculty member or Center for Career and Professional Development of any student whose performance or attendance is unsatisfactory.


For more information on the Academic Internship Program or how to apply, email: