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A Strong Foundation

Designed to train practitioners to provide psychology services to and within the criminal & civil justice systems & prepare students for doctoral study in psychology

Courses, Electives & Tracks

Students develop an advanced understanding of psychological development & psychopathology, personality assessment, psychotherapeutic techniques & research methods

Externship & Thesis

Students can complete an externship, a thesis or both with the dual track


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The MA in Forensic Psychology program is designed to provide a strong foundation in forensic psychology that can be applied to, and within, the criminal and civil justice systems. The 42-credit curriculum focuses on understanding, serving, and studying both offenders and victims, and is designed to prepare students for doctoral study in psychology and/or work in settings such as mental health courts, legal offices, jails/detention centers, or parole/probation offices. Upon completion of the program, graduates may hold job titles—including, but not limited to—advocates, research assistants, case managers, or court liaisons.

Through the program, students are provided with an advanced understanding of psychological development and psychopathology, personality assessment, psycho-therapeutic techniques, and research methods. The program places a strong emphasis on developing multicultural awareness and understanding the unique tensions between psychology and law. The program requires completion of one of the following to supplement your course work: clinical fieldwork, non-clinical fieldwork, or a thesis.

Please note: the Forensic Psychology program is not a license-eligible program. Students interested in a license-eligible master’s program are encouraged to explore the Forensic Mental Health Counseling MA Program.

Find information about the doctoral program in Psychology here.