All-Gender Facilities & Lactation Room

All-Gender Restrooms

In compliance with the law and CUNY’s Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination, any discriminatory conduct based on gender-identity and/or gender expression is prohibited.  Individuals have the right to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity, which is fluid and defined by the individual.

Restroom Locations

New Building:

  • Level L2 - Next to L.72

Haaren Hall

  • 2nd Floor  - (Near student lounge across from women's restroom)
  • 3rd Floor - (Inside fitness center, left of front desk)
  • 5th Floor (2 facilities) - (Enter gym through balcony doors. Facilities on opposite side of balcony)

All-Gender Locker Room & Lactation Room for Nursing Mothers

  • All-Gender Locker Room -  5th floor of Haaren Hall on the far-south side of the balcony that overlooks the gym
  • The Lactation Room is the last door on your right, adjacent to the All-Gender Locker Room. The lactation space locks from the inside, there is a table, chair, access to an electrical outlet and sink. Unfortunately, it does not have a refrigerator.  Secure, refrigerated storage is available for students and staff in the Women's Center for Gender Justice located in room L.67.


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