Our human inquiries inevitably lead us to a search for answers. How we investigate phenomena and examine experiences ultimately relies on the objective collection and analysis of data: information collected systematically and independently over some period of time. If we want to understand anything, we ultimately rely on that information, shared with us over time.

What does that mean?
Questions beget more questions. That is the world of research. Much like the world of philosophy from which any science sprung. It is never ending. But – it is also deeply rewarding in its small increments of discoveries. And, it is everywhere! Research is knowledge: accumulated, translated, and messaged. Only to be: amended, developed, critiqued, and never, ever! “perfected”.

Find your question, your connection, your place! Understand how your curiosity finds its way into your own project and make it your purpose! Discover the power of your impact on the world, even if: small, specific, and counterintuitive to your hypothesis. Appreciate the value of your contributions and own it!!

Our mantra: “Everything is connected – you just have to find the connections” – Let’s explore together!



Three Major Objectives

Early Engagement

Do not underestimate the power of inquiry & the life-long benefits of conducting research/creative work in college. Get started!

Effective Mentorship

Long-term faculty mentoring enhances student improvement. Let’s find your mentor!


We have the most diverse student body of CUNY’s senior colleges & 42% are first in their family to attend college. Join us!

OSRC Funded Research Opportunities
Research Opportunities
Funded Research Opportunities

Interested in receiving a scholarship to complete a research project of your choice? You came to the right place! Every year the Office for Student Research & Creativity (OSRC) offers 10 annual scholarships to undergraduate students and six to graduate students in the amount of $1,000 each, affording them the opportunity to conduct research or engage in creative works with a John Jay College professor over the course of an academic year. To learn more, CLICK HERE and on the links below.  



Opportunities & Resources for Faculty and Students

Faculty Mentor Award

Each year, the OSRC will award (4) Outstanding Scholarly Mentor Awards to recognize faculty members who have provided exceptional student mentoring by engaging undergraduates and graduates in scholarly research or creative work.

How to Connect with a Faculty Mentor

Interested in conducting research, but do not have a faculty mentor. Follow the guidelines provided to start your search!


Faculty Mentor-Mentee Stories

Interested in learning about mentor-mentee stories regarding their projects and success together? Featuring stories will be included soon. 

Research & Creativity Expo

The annual Research Creativity Expo is a 10 day event featuring 460+ student presentations & performances led by faculty & mentors. Projects range from semester-long classroom assignments to long-term collaborations that lead to publications, theses or proposals. 

Workshops and Events

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OSRC Staffers
Come Meet Us!

Under the guidance of Bettina Muenster, the Assistant Director, the OSRC consists of a team of John Jay student staffers who all look forward to serving you and exposing you to research.