BA/MA Degree Programs

Our BA/MA Programs in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology & Public Administration provide academically advanced students the opportunity to earn an undergraduate and a graduate degree in two years. The number of undergraduate electives and courses in the major are reduced for BA/MA candidates and graduate courses fulfill certain undergraduate requirements.

In addition to the recognition associated with an advanced academic program, and the potential for accelerated degree acquisition, the BA/MA program has a built-in scholarship incentive. Students are charged the undergraduate tuition rate for graduate courses until they reach 120 credits. Students are then charged graduate tuition rates. Click here for information about each of the graduate programs.

The BA/MA program has minimum and maximum requirements as set forth by the State of New York Education Department and the City University of New York. The basic parameters are 128-134 credits. 

In order to obtain both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees, students must successfully complete the specified degree requirements:


BA/MA in Criminal Justice
128 credits and a Master’s Thesis
134 credits and Pass the CRJ Comprehensive Exam


BA/MA in Forensic Psychology 
134 credits


BA/MA in Public Administration 
134 credits


*For each of these programs, the entire graduate course of study must be completed. Students who are interested in the BA/MA Program are encouraged to meet with the BA/MA Director early in their academic career.

Students must have completed 70-85 credits and have earned a minimum GPA of 3.5 before beginning their first semester in the BA/MA program. These are minimum requirements for eligibility and do not guarantee acceptance into the program.


In addition, applicants must submit a personal statement indicating why they are seeking admission, recommendations from three faculty members, and a writing sample that is representative of their research/writing skills. Transfer students must first establish a 3.5 GPA (minimum of 12 credits) at John Jay College prior to applying to the BA/MA Program.


Students are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain in the BA/MA Program. Students whose GPAs fall below 3.5 will not be able to receive the graduate degree even if they have completed sufficient credits.

MA in Criminal Justice (30–36 credits)


BA in Criminal Justice


BS in Criminal Justice


BS in Criminal Justice Management


MA in Forensic Psychology (42 credits)


BA in Forensic Psychology


MA in Public Administration (42 credits)


BS/MPA in Public Administration


BS in Criminal Justice Management

BA/MA students in the Criminal Justice Program who choose to complete the alternative to the thesis requirement for their master’s degree must complete a total of 134 credits, 36 of which must be graduate credits. BA/MA students in the Public Administration Program must complete 134 credits, 42 of which must be graduate credits. BA/MA students in the Forensic Psychology Program must complete 134 credits, 42 of which must be graduate credits.

The fall application deadline for Criminal Justice, MPA programs, and Forensic Psychology is the second Friday in July. The spring application deadline is the first Tuesday in January.


Application process - To be eligible for admission to the John Jay College BA/MA Degree program, a student should have earned between 70 and 85 credits before their first semester enrolled in the BA/MA program and earned a minimum GPA of 3.5.  Applicants must apply for the BA/MA program through the Graduate Studies Admissions page. Through the Graduate Studies Admission portal, BA/MA students should submit the following items:


1) all college transcripts;
2) three letters of recommendation from current or former professors;
3) a 750-1000 word personal statement indicating why the student is seeking admission to the BA/MA program (NOTE: Although the admissions portal indicates a shorter personal statement, BA/MA applicants should submit a statement that is 750-1000 words.); and
4) a writing sample that demonstrates writing/research skills, such as a term paper or research paper. (NOTE: Please submit the writing sample in lieu of a cv/resume in the admissions portal. No cv/resume is required for BA/MA students.)


Admission criteria - The BA/MA director or coordinator will make admission decisions based upon review of each student's application, transcripts and the other sources noted above. In addition, prospective students may be invited in for an interview. Admission decisions can be expected within four weeks of receipt of a completed application (including letters of recommendation).


Transfer students - An unofficial transcript from all colleges must be submitted with the application.  All transfer students are required to first complete a minimum of 12 credits at John Jay before being applying to the program. For Fall 2019 admission, first semester transfer students should apply after the Spring 2019 semester and before the July 19, 2019 deadline. Students considering transferring to John Jay College for the BA/MA program, as well as students who have already transferred to John Jay College and who are considering application to the BA/MA degree program are advised to contact the BA/MA Director at with any questions.


To complete the BA/MA degree program each student must complete the College's undergraduate general education requirements, the relevant undergraduate major requirements (graduate courses are substituted for some undergraduate major requirements and electives), and the required graduate course of study.  The requirements for each of the Graduate Degree programs are spelled out in the college catalogue and through the College's Graduate Degree programs website.


If you have any inquires or questions about the BA/MA Programs, please contact the appropriate individual below:


Criminal Justice BA/MA and BS/MA Coordinator:
Dr. Janice Carrington,


Public Administration BA/MA Coordinator:
Ms. Yvonne Purdie,


Forensic Psychology BA/MA Director:
Dr. Rebecca Weiss,

Once admitted into the BA/MA program, students will receive academic advisement from the BA/MA director and/or faculty in the student's respective program.

Q: I already completed 60 undergraduate credits and I am currently taking 15 credits, can I still be admitted to a BA/MA program?

A: Yes, if you have the requisite cumulative GPA (3.5) you can apply for admission for the upcoming fall or spring semester.


Q: I am a part-time student at John Jay College.  Can I pursue the BA/MA program as a part-time student?

A: Yes, if you meet all the other qualifications, you can pursue the joint degrees as a part-time student.


Q: I transferred to John Jay College from another college where I completed 76 undergraduate credits but only 52 credits were accepted by the John Jay College Registrar.  Am I eligible to apply to the BA/MA program?

A: The eligibility is based upon the number of credits accepted with your transfer.  Before applying, you must first establish a 3.5 grade point average for at least one semester (12 credits) at John Jay College.


Q: I am planning to apply to become a John Jay College McNair Scholar.  Can I be a BA/MA student while also being a McNair Scholar?

A: Yes, you can though it is advised that you discuss it with the McNair Program Director.


Q: What happens if I finish all my required credits but my GPA falls below 3.5?

A: You can receive the baccalaureate degree and complete the masters degree separately.  The details of this procedure can be provided by the Director of the BA/MA programs.


Q: What is the maximum number of undergraduate credits I can have and still be eligible for the BA/MA program?

A: Students should have between 70 and 85 completed undergraduate credits when they begin their first semester in the BA/MA program.  Those students having more than 85 credits will require individualized review.


Q: What are the demands and requirements of graduate courses in comparison to undergraduate courses?

A: In general the graduate courses are much more demanding than the undergraduate courses, and thus students are advised to take fewer courses per semester. A study plan is usually formulated with the director and students early in the enrollment process.


Q: Are the GREs required for admission to the BA/MA program?

A: GREs are not required for admission.


Q: When I obtain a Forensic Psychology BA/MA degree, am I eligible to practice psychology?

A: No. The MA in Forensic Psychology is not a licensure program. States very in their licensure requirements at the master’s level.

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