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The Office of Legal Counsel provides legal advice and guidance to the College, the President, and College representatives on a wide range of legal matters. We advise on governance, ethics, collective bargaining, employment, information requests, contracts, grievances and litigation, and policy questions. 

Please contact us immediately at if you receive any legal document sent to the College. Please also contact us for assistance with legal matters affecting the College. Please note that we cannot provide legal advice or services on personal matters. 

Information Requests, Subpoenas & Service of Process

Make a FOIL Request

FOIL requests for records maintained by John Jay College. Please be as specific as possible in describing the records you seek.

For other requests, please email and describe the records you seek in as much detail as possible. Use the subject line appropriately: "Taylor Law request" for a request under the Public Employees' Fair Employment Act; "Subpoena" for a request pursuant to a subpoena; or, if the authority for your request is otherwise, an appropriate subject line of your choosing.

Before you email a subpoena, please consult the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules to ensure it can be mailed. Please note that New York State civil subpoenas duces tecum must be “so ordered” by a court.

If you have sued the College or one of its employees, email a request for waiver of service to and the College will attempt to obtain the necessary waiver.

If you need to effect personal service of a summons and complaint (or of a subpoena that is required to be served personally), leave the documents with a Public Safety officer at any campus entrance.

Legal mail should be sent to:

Office of Legal Counsel
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Suite 623 Haaren Hall
524 West 59th St.
New York, NY 10019

Contact Us

Michelle Arthurton, Administrative Coordinator
Myrna B. Forney, Interim Chief Legal Counsel

Donald Gray, Labor Designee & College Ethics Officer, General Office Email