About P2PH

From Punishment to Public Health (P2PH) is a unique collaboration led by John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), in partnership with over a dozen key stakeholders focused on addressing the overuse of incarceration and its many public health impacts.

Since its founding in 2013, P2PH has leveraged its platform to highlight the endemic social and structural problems that lead to criminal justice involvement, and to position public health interventions to be successful and held accountable to better health, safety and social outcomes.  We do this by hosting regular working groups of government, private and non-profit agencies that share a common set of clients but struggle to create a streamlined, client-centered array of programs and services that empower individuals, families and communities toward health, prosperity and overall well-being.

In a relatively short time, P2PH has built a strong reputation as a neutral convener of siloed stakeholders who recognize a shared set of clients but often lack a common lexicon and unified vision of success.  We utilize a quality improvement approach to generate short-term workflow adjustments that address the direct and contributing factors to operational success, and we build consensus among stakeholders to recognize these successful practices as the “new normal.”  P2PH continues to provide leadership in various arenas of cross-sector innovation and practice implementation throughout the city and has evolved to adopt a more policy-oriented and public-facing approach.

Contact jcoots@jjay.cuny.edu with any questions.