Future of Public Safety Report Summary

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John Jay is in a unique position to convene conversations and reimagine solutions related to justice and public safety. As a majority-minority institution, we reflect the diversity of voices of minority communities that need to be heard. We educate the future leaders for justice, safety, and peace - whether they go on to run advocacy campaigns, wear a uniform, serve their communities, conduct research to evaluate policy or uncover bias, or all of these.

By coming together with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) in our Future of Public Safety Series, we sought not just to understand what ails policing and public safety, but to chart a path forward for safe communities. Through a series of honest, open conversations with community activists, police chiefs, business leaders, policymakers, public health professionals, and educators, we created a roadmap for communities across the nation to implement and move toward a new model of public safety that is equitable for all.

With input from these diverse voices, we present a report which we hope will break the binary that characterizes so much of the national conversation on public safety: "us vs. them;" "'law and order' vs. Black Lives Matter." We started this project, in large part, to unearth and highlight our considerable areas of agreement, but our work did not stop with the six public conversations we hosted during this series. The work did not stop with the publication of our final report, either. In fact, we see today's report as a starting point. We now need to work with communities across the country to implement these solutions.

Faculty and Staff
Read the Future of Public Safety Report.