Sonyl Nagale
Adjunct Lecturer

B.F.A., Iowa State University (2004, Graphic Design)
B.A., Iowa State University (2004, Philosophy)


Chicago-born, Iowa-raised, Los Angeles-seasoned, and now New York City-flavored, I started my career as a graphic designer focusing on web, which led down the slippery slope to becoming a full-stack technologist instead. I've worked at start-ups and global media companies using a variety of languages and frameworks, and what makes me tick is never solving the same problem twice.

When in front of the classroom, I'm always excited to have great teachable moments complete with laughter and seeing the "Aha!" moments in students' eyes.

My current goals boil down to this: to leave a legacy. Maybe that's why I teach, maybe that's why I take great pride in helping my colleagues and my clients to succeed, and all-in-all, if someone finds some shred of what I birthed worthy of standing upon to create another step in human evolution, it will have been a worthwhile life.

Courses Taught

Current courses

CSCI 380 ,CSCI 275

Previous courses

English, Spanish