Adjunct Lecturer of Economics

M.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2019, Economics)

B.A., Montclair State University (2015, Cultural Anthropology; International Studies)


Dante Dallavalle is a graduate from the John Jay MA in economics.

Interests include: economic history, political economy, labor, geography, econometrics, financialization, and international monetary systems from the late 19th century to today. 

He has been published in Jacobin, Truthout, Tribune Mag, Common Dreams, Alternet, Renegade Inc., northjersey.com, amongst others on issues relating to the working class and organized labor, climate change, the systemic contradictions embedded within capitalist dynamics, and the increasing role of the financial system in the global economy. He was co-creator/co-host of the heterodox economics podcast Left Out produced and distributed through prominent political economist Richard Wolff's organization Democracy at Work. Episodes can be found with a quick Google/YouTube search. 



JJC Affiliations
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Statistics for Economists (255)

Economics in Historical Perspective (310)

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Introduction to Economics and Global Capitalism (101)

Understanding US Economic Data (105)

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Association for Social Economics (ASE)

Scholarly Work

"Winter is Coming: A Recession Created by the Fed's Disdain for Workers" -Dante Dallavalle (11.07.2022)

Opinion | Winter Is Coming: A Recession Created by the Fed's Disdain for Workers | Common Dreams


"Corporations Are Broke. It’s Time to Cut Up Their Credit Cards." -Christian Parenti, Dante Dallavalle (03.26.2020)



"Wall Street Is High on Government Supply" -Christian Parenti, Dante Dallavalle (12.03.2020)



"The Limits of “Experiencing” the Climate Crisis" -Christian Parenti, Dante Dallavalle (08.23.2019)



"What Minsky can teach you about volatility…and your pay-packet" -Dante Dallavalle (05.13.2018)