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Fall 2023

The newsletter is a long-standing tradition in our program and we strongly encourage students, faculty, and alumni to submit relevant
content. You are welcome to submit recent book/article publications, new and past job/internship placements, new student experiences, new research assignments, mentoring experiences, meeting/conference visits, presentations, grants/funding, etc.

Newsletter Guidelines

  • Limit the writing to a maximum of 300 words.
  • Multiple contributions should be submitted separately.
  • Supported files (doc, PDF, jpeg, png, etc.) can be submitted along with your text here: Google Forms Link

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The deadline for submission is Friday, May, 3 2024.

ICJ MA Event 11/06/23
Our most recent ICJ MA event...
Kamil Mamak: Robotics, AI and Criminal Law: Crimes Against Robots

Monday, November 6th, 2023  (via Zoom)
1:30 PM  - 2:40 PM ET

The book “Robotics, AI and Criminal Law: Crimes Against Robots” offers a phenomenological perspective on the criminal law debate on robots. 


Kamil Mamak is a philosopher and a lawyer. He is a postdoctoral researcher at the RADAR: Robophilosophy, AI Ethics and Datafication research group at the University of Helsinki and an assistant professor at the Department of Criminal Law at the Jagiellonian University. He will be discussing his book, "Robotics, AI and Criminal Law: Crimes Against Robots" on Zoom. Please see flyer for more details.

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ICJ Newsletters are a long-standing tradition in the IC&J Program! Our newsletters include contributions from faculty, staff, and students. We release a newsletter every fall and spring semester to share various information about about program, accomplishments, incoming students, graduating students, events, publications, upcoming programs, and more. Our most current newsletter is from Spring 2023; please see all archived newsletters below our most recent issue. If you would like to contribute to our newsletter, please contact our Program Advisor, Maria Simonetti at