Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Department strives to provide exceptional services in processing payments to vendors, faculty, staff, and students in an accurate and timely manner in accordance with New York State and New York City regulations and CUNY Guidelines. 

Accounts Payable Department is responsible for Accounts Payable and Travel & Expense paid by Tax-Levy Funds. The payments processed by AP include reimbursement requests, vendor invoices, non-travel reimbursement, honoraria, student stipends, travel reimbursements and petty cash replenishments.

Visit the Resources page to access guidance documents on CUNY’s accounts payable and travel policies and procedures.


All invoices must contain the following information: Vendor Name and Address, PO number and/or contract number, description of goods and or services and dates of service, if applicable. Vendors should email their invoices to or mail them to John Jay College, Accounts Payable, 524 West 59th Street, L265, New York, NY 10019.

All questions regarding outstanding payment should be sent


Once service or merchandise is received, a receipt must be created by the end-user. All invoices and packing slips must be signed and returned to Accounts Payable via e-mail to

Travel & Expense Reimbursement

All requests for travel approval and expense reimbursement must be processed via the CUNYfirst Travel and Expense Module. Utilizing this self-service application will expedite the process for approving travel requests, and receiving reimbursement for travel expenses; thus eliminating the paper process. The employee must:

  • Submit a Travel Authorization
  • Create an Expense Report  

To gain access to the Travel and Expense Module, employees must complete the CUNYfirst Travel Expense User Access Request Form and submit it to Accounts Payable. Please contact Accounts Payable for User Access Form.

Travel Card Program

The State of New York Travel Card Program (T-Card) was created to provide employees who receive tax-levy funding with a mechanism to pay for travel expenses when traveling on official State Business. The cardholder is responsible for using the Travel card for his/her expenses only when in travel status.

Non-CUNY/State Employees - Travel Guidelines and Resources

John Jay College will pay or reimburse reasonable expenses to faculty and ECP candidates who visit the College to meet with the search committee and other individuals.

In addition, OTPS funds can be used to reimburse other non-employees such as speakers and other visitors to the College. Travel related expenses such as train ticket, taxi fare, and commercial air fare can be reimbursed with receipts. The cost of lodging and meals will be reimbursed according to the allowable government rate ( with receipts.

Imprest Fund (Petty Cash)

Petty Cash Funds are intended to provide cash to colleges, schools, departments and units to cover small dollar purchases, such as reimbursement to staff members for small expenses when another form of payment (procurement card, purchase order, expense reimbursement) is not appropriate or available.

The University requires each Petty Cash Fund to have an approved Fund Custodian, who documents and reviews expenditures to ensure appropriate business purpose, reviews receipts, safeguards the funds, and reconciles the account.

Accounts Payable Staff

Cadelie R. Neat
Accounts Payable Manager

Naomi Donaldson
Travel & Expense Coordinator

Shemika Cole
CUNY Office Assistant