Parent & Family Programs

Parent & Family Programs

We're proud of our community of parents and family members who are engaged and excited about their student’s experience. We understand the need for connection and communication with campus offices, which is why all family members of undergraduate students are members of the John Jay Family Association.

We would love to hear from you about event ideas, topics and even when it is a good time for us to host an event!  Submit that here

Our Mission

Our office creates dynamic, student-centered experiences to inspire purposeful transitions and equip students and their family members with resources, guidance and peer connections. Student transitions such as the first year of college, transfer experience, degree completion, and new graduate student experiences are critical junctures in the educational pipeline and provide unique opportunities for postsecondary student learning and development. 

  • Assist family members in navigating campus resources, services, and programs
  • Assist family members in supporting their students and empowering them to take responsibility while enrolled at the College
  • Enhance communication between the College and family members
  • Develop a sense of community amongst John Jay families to provide support, advice, and opportunities for involvement.

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P: 646-557-4888