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Dr. Milena Popov is a Yugoslavian-born, New York City-based interdisciplinary artist and scholar. She received her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies and an MFA and a BFA in Painting and Education. Dr. Popov teaches studio art and interdisciplinary sustainability and environmental justice courses at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York, as well as course on fashion and power at Steinhardt, NYU. She is a founding member of the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Minor (EJS) at John Jay College. Dr. Popov has an extensive experience in merging art and science fields together in her research, teaching and artworks. For the John Jay College she has developed an interdisciplinary course called Eco Art and Design, a studio art course that is bridging art and environmental sustainability studies in various ways, as well as linking two college departments and two minors (ART and EJS). Dr. Popov has written and published numerous texts on art, media, culture, education and environmental studies, held many lectures, and participated in numerous international panels and conferences. Although her research interest lies within a broad spectrum of art, media, culture and critical theory, her current scholarly and artistic interest is contemporary art and design at the intersection of political, technological, and environmental discourses. In her theoretical and artistic research she frequently explores notions and concepts of eco-aesthetics, sustainability, sustainability across the curriculum, participatory art and design, gesamtkunstwerk, biopolitics, biogenetics, Anthropocene, Post-Antropocene, post-humanism, trans-humanism, digital heterotopia, post-colonialism, multiculturalism, globalization, Otherness, and identity.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Drawing 

Eco Art and Design

When Nature Roars: Artistic, Media and Scientific Representations

Earth Justice: Introduction to Sustainability Studies

Environmental Justice

Environmental Racism