About Us

SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation & Knowledge) is a New York State program at CUNY's senior and comprehensive colleges designed to assist students who are both academically and financially disadvantaged.

SEEK, which in 2011 was renamed The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program, is a four-year program established by the New York State Legislature for the senior colleges of the City University of New York to provide access to higher education for promising high school graduates who are not fully prepared but have demonstrated the potential to pursue undergraduate degrees at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Mission Statement

The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department aspires to promote, maintain, and graduate individuals who strive to further their education and professional success within a social justice framework. We are committed to elevating, cultivating and empowering such individuals by way of academic support, financial aid, counseling and teaching to produce life-long learners and advocates of positive social change.

Program Overview

SEEK is a model premier opportunity program that helps mitigate the inequity of educational systems and is committed to access justice, academic success, inclusion and the development of life-long learners and future leaders. Unique to John Jay SEEK is the Education and Justice curriculum, part of Gen Ed. Moreover, SEEK’s integration of evidence-based best practices and targeted interventions produce retention rates for first and second-year students higher than non-SEEK students. Click here to learn more.

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