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The Applied Mathematics major has two concentrations, Data Science and Cryptography. The Data Science concentration presents the principles of data representation, big data management, and statistical modeling. Cryptography is the science of both personal and institutional data security. Students learn to secure information, maintain data integrity, authenticity, and non-reputability. The curriculum offers an integrated academic program with the depth and breadth necessary to make graduates truly competitive in the job market. Both concentrations provide the knowledge and the skills that are in demand in high tech entrepreneurship, finance, modern communications, medicine, security, transportation, and manufacturing. (Prerequisites & RequirementsAdmissions Information, Faculty,Getting StartedFour Year Advisement Plan)


Coordinator: Hunter Johnson, 6.63.19 NB, 212.237.8846, hujohnson@jjay.cuny.edu

Coordinator: Michael Puls, 6.63.03 NB, 212.237.8925, mpuls@jjay.cuny.edu

Mathematics provides excellent preparation for entrance into many quantitative and high-technology careers. Some of these include the actuarial field, financial analysis, and work in cryptography. The minor will enhance the understanding of quantitative disciplines such as the social sciences, physics, chemistry, and biology. (Prerequisites & RequirementsAdmissions Information, Faculty)


Coordinator: Hunter Johnson, 6.63.19 NB, 212.237.8846, hujohnson@jjay.cuny.edu

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