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BS in Computer Science and Information Security major is all about deep technical aspects of cyber-security. We have both foundational and specialized courses that prepare students for careers in cyber-security. Students learn core concepts in computer programming, algorithms, operating systems, networks and then they specialize in cyber security through cyber-security capstone, computer and network security as well as forensics.

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Earn your Masters in ONE year!! 

The BS/MS dual admission accelerated program is based on two existing programs, the BS in Computer Science and Information Security and the MS in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, which will enable our Computer Science majors to pursue undergraduate and graduate education concurrently within a five-year time frame!


Transition to a four-year degree!!

By completing your associate degree in a CJA major at one of the participating CUNY community colleges, you are automatically part of the CJA and receive dual admission that puts you on track to complete your bachelor’s degree at John Jay College. 

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Computers are the future. By learning to use a computer, students are securing their tomorrows. Good computer skills will build self-confidence and increase students’ marketability and competence in their chosen fields. Computers also allow users to work quickly and efficiently with data and information in a way that no other devices do.

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