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Mission Statement

The Office of Outcomes Assessment advances the College’s mission by providing assessment best practices, resources, and support to all members of the campus community in order to improve student learning, the student experience, and overall institutional quality.

Assessment Services and Initiatives

The Office of Outcomes Assessment:

  • promotes best practices in assessment for enabling continuous learning and development.
  • provides guidance, resources and training for faculty and staff in assessment practices for both student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.
  • engages in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information required for both planning and the assessment of institutional effectiveness.
  • supports academic program, administrative unit, and institutional self-studies.
  • supports college-wide assessment activities to ensure sustainable and meaningful assessments.
  • promotes a campus-wide culture of improvement through student-success driven assessment practices.
  • develops systematic methods of assessment and reporting.
  • assists the General Education Committee with general education assessment.
  • provides assessment reports for the college community and for MSCHE accreditation purposes.

Assessment Information

Assessment Committees

Academic Assessment

Administrative, Educational, and Student Support Services (AES) Assessment

Contact Us

Dyanna Pooley
Director of Outcomes Assessment
Phone: 646-781-5223