Office for Student Research & Creativity (OSRC)

Office for Student Research & Creativity (OSRC)

Meet the OSRC staff:

Hi all! My name is Yan Shan Yu (full bio) and I am a first year student in the Forensic Psychology Masters progam. I am a senior staffer who joined the OSRC team two years ago as a Research and Administrative Assistant. It is exciting to work with the team to learn more about the different aspects of research and to plan events centered around research for those who are interested. Research is an essential part to my major and hopefully to you all because it allows us to explore and evaluate the information we receive. If any of you are interested in research, please do not hesitate to come by our office. I hope to see you guys during the variety of events we host and also in our office as we are committed to help you all!

Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly Varela (full bio), and I am a newly hired Research and Administrative Assistant with the OSRC.  I am currently a senior at JJC who is majoring in Criminal Justice B.S. and minoring in English. I have had to apply research practices to numerous areas of my academic journey, such as when I had to write research papers for my courses. Therefore, I look forward to working with the OSRC very much because it is a program dedicated to guiding students on how to successfully and professionally develop their own research. The OSRC does this by supplying students with mentors, funding, and other necessary resources. I am excited to join a team that helps students develop their research and professional skills!

Hi, my name is Lisa Haye (full bio), and I am an Economics major at John Jay College, and now a Research & Administrative Assistant in the Office for Student Research & Creativity. My major has exposed me to the quantitative details that factor into a strong research project, and I am excited to learn more about research processes and interact with new people and ideas. OSRC not only pairs student researchers with suitable faculty mentors, but also encourages all students to express themselves creatively in the pursuit of answering big questions. I look forward to serving the John Jay community.  

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If you receive Federal Work Study awards and are interested in joining the OSRC team,
contact the Assistant Director ( to make an appointment. 

Here are our three major objectives:

Early engagement

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Do not underestimate the power of the inquiry and the life-long benefits of conducting research/creative work early in your college career. And, remember - anyone can do research! In fact, we all conduct research every day. How? By asking vital questions, engaging in systematic processes to find truths, and sharing our findings with those around us. The critical thinking skills you acquire through the research/creative process will help you thrive in any classroom or work environment. Research connects and is connected to everything: Policy, scholarship, public service, journalism, to name a few, all rely on the facts derived from rigorous research. Without the information garnered through research, effective learning and educated decision-making are impossible.

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effective Mentorship

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Research shows that long term mentoring relationships with faculty and/or participation in research labs improve students’ academic adjustment, retention, and academic success; develops their team work and leadership skills; hones their communication, writing, and presentation skills; and is overall associated with a wide range of favorable behavioral, health-related, motivational, and career outcomes. It is also a life-altering experience that is fun, engaging, and challenging.

So stop by my office and let’s find your mentor match!

community building

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True to the New York spirit, John Jay proudly has the most diverse student body among CUNY’s senior colleges, representing 130+ nationalities and with 42% of students who are first in their family to attend college. We understand that finding new friends and creating community can be a challenge in such a new and distinct environment. Our research/creativity community is vast, robust, and vibrant. We will connect you to cohorts and labs, inform you of cross campus trainings, and invite you to workshops and seminars relevant to your research or creative project. We also help you network beyond the John Jay College setting, in order to maximize your chances of finding just the right internship or volunteer placement and prepare you for your academic and professional future.

Get into the team spirit and join us!