Shu-Yuan Cheng
Associate Professor
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Post doc   New York University, School of Medicine 
(Psychiatry and Pharmacology)
Post doc    New York Medical College 
(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
PhD          St. John's University, New York (Toxicology)
MS            St. John's University, New York (Toxicology)
BS             Taipei Medical College, Taiwan (Pharmacy


- To study the roles environmental toxins (dithiocarbamate compounds) play in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. eg. Altering protein-protein interaction (a-synuclein, dopamine transporter, and others)

To identify the target genes and the signaling pathways (such as NF-kappa B and Akt/mTOR) which are affected by these environmental toxins.

- To elucidate whether antioxidants (such green tea extracts, curcumin, thymoquinone) can reverse dithiocarbamate-triggered toxic responses.

- To ellucidate the pharmacological mechanism of anticancer drug Mitomycin C and its analog

- To unveil the potential cellular pathways regualted by Mitomycin C and its analog based on proteomic analysis data on MCF-7 and K562 cells

- To understand the role of dopamine transporter plays in marijuana exposure.

- To investigate the in vitro toxicity and molecular pharmacology mechanism for newly synthesized anti-cancer compounds

- Using LC-MSMS to monitor the abusive substances in NYC waste water 



Courses Taught

·       TOX 313 Environmental and Industrial Agents

·       TOX 415 Forensic Pharmacology

·       TOX 416 Analytical Toxicology

·       FOS 726 Forensic Toxicology

·       BIO 356 Anatomy and Physiology

·       BIO 412/413 Molecular Biology I/II