Alford (Chevy) Ed.D
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  -    BA - York College of CUNY
-    MA New York University’s Steinhart School  
-    PhD -  Columbia University Teachers College



Dr. Schevaletta (Chevy) Alford is a member of the counseling faculty for the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK (Opportunity) Program at John Jay College. She has worked with the opportunity programs of CUNY for more than thirty years. To this day, she is the only member of the City University of New York’s SEEK Program to serve in all three administrative positions: Director and Chairperson of the John Jay College Program from 2001 until 2010, Counseling Coordinator from 1994 until she became the Director, and Tutorial Coordinator for SEEK at Baruch College from 1982 until she went to John Jay. Although most of her career has focused on counseling and administration, Chevy has received grants to conduct studies on student learning, as well as written a number of articles and presented papers at numerous conferences throughout the country on student development. In recent years the focal point of her research has been counselors’ awareness of what must be done to support college students with psychological issues with an emphasis on autism specifically Asperger’s Syndrome.

Because of her tireless efforts for the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, in 2008 she was appointed Associate National Director. In her capacity as a certified Induction Trainer for the organization, she has conducted countless inductions and training seminars throughout the nation. She provides advice and guidance to opportunity program directors and faculty on how to improve student performance in the areas of public service and community involvement.

She is a licensed mental health counselor. She was selected to be part of HERS which allowed her to receive additional training in education administration. She has served as a reviewer for the Journal of the National Association of Academic Advisors, the (New York) Journal of the Professional Counselor, and as a referee for the Teachers College Record.