Elizabeth Hegeman

Elizabeth Hegeman

Elizabeth Hegeman
Professor Emeritus
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l978 Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Psychology
l974 Doctor of Philosophy New York University
l965 Masters Degree Columbia University
l963 BA Radcliffe College


After fieldwork on the process of urbanization in Latin America and Puerto Rico, Betsy Hegeman trained as a psychoanalyst. During her forty years at John Jay, she has concentrated on research that deals with the overlap among the disciplines of psychology, psychoanalysis, and anthropology, writing about topics such as the effect of breaking incest taboos on personality, and the role of group process in transmitting culture. She has co-written Valuing Emotions with her husband, Michael Stocker, a philosopher. She is currently researching and theorizing about culture-bound syndromes of mental illness and what they represent.

Scholarly Work


Anthropology and Community Action, Doubleday Anchor Press l974 co-edited with Leonard Kooperman. A collection of essays and analysis of psychological factors in community integration, intended for the professional involved in community change. Sold l0,000 copies.

"Community Conflict and the Development of a Worker Elite in a Cali Barrio", analysis of the effect on class structure of the Colombian social security legislation, pp. l88-l98 in Anthropology and Community Action;

"Objectivity vs. Relativity: the Basic Problem" review of George Devereux's Basic Problems in Ethnopsychiatry for Contemporary Psychology vol 26 no. 4 pp. 283- 285, fall 1979;

"Patients from Different Cultural Backgrounds", [section written entirely by BH] pp. 41-45, section of Chapter 2, "Working With Patients Who Present Special Problems" [whole chapter co-authored with Jerry B Finkel] in Psychiatric Management for Medical Practitioners , edited by D. Kornfeld and J. Finkel, Grune and Stratton, l982

"Transcultural Issues in The Medical Setting", ch. 4, pp. 71-95, in Consultation- Liaison Psychiatry: Current Trends and New Perspectives edited by Jerry Finkel, M.D., Grune and Stratton, l983;

Chapter 37, Cross-cultural Issues in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, pp. 301-324, Handbook of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, Analytic Press fall l995;

Chapter 7, "Transferential issues in the analytic treatment of incest survivors: the resolution of traumatic transference" in Sexual Abuse Recalled: Treating Trauma in the Era of the Recovered Memory Debate , edited by Judith Alpert, Jason Aronson September 1995; pp. 185-214

"Reconstruction of Trauma: the Analytic Tradition", chapter in Memories of Sexual Betrayal edited by Richard Gartner; Jason Aronson, fall 1996

Chapters 3,6,7 and 10 in Valuing Emotions co-authored with Michael Stocker, Cambridge University Press, August 1996:
Ch. 3: Emotional problems Suggest Epistemological problems;
Ch. 6: How Emotions Help With Evaluative Knowledge;
Ch. 7: The Interdependence of Emotions and Psychology;
Ch. 10: The Complex World of Aristotle's Angry Man.

Chapter 7 on "Aristotelian Akrasia, Weakness of Will and Psychoanalytic Regression" pp. 135-153 in The Analytic Freud: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis edited by Michael P. Levine, Routledge 2000. Coauthored with Michael Stocker

Chapter 3: Management of Trauma-Related Affect, Defenses and Dissociative States, pp. 64-88 in Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma edited by Robert Klein and Victor Schermer, Guilford Press 2000

Panel Chair, Dissociated States, Possession and shamanism; for l997 conference "Psychoanalytic Interfaces: Dialogues Across Disciplines" chaired by Stephen Mitchell and sponsored by the William Alanson White Institute Nov. 8-9 l997, New York City

Peer reviewed articles:

"Groups and the mediation of dissociative experience: a Western vs. non- Western comparison", Group spring 1995;

"Resolution of Traumatic Transference: two cases", Contemporary Psychoanalysis vol. 31, no. 3 July 1995;

"World View as Cultural Parataxis", Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 30 (1994) 424-441; symposium on Fromm's "Human Nature and Character";

Research Summary

PSC-CUNY grants: A Participant Observation Analysis of a Multiple Personality Self-Help Group, 1993-94; Dissociation as a Cultural Phenomenon, 2002-2004

Trauma Project funded by the "45" Foundation, 1994-96, John Jay College

Executive Committee, Research Foundation of CUNY, 1995-1997; Chair,

Women's Studies Panel 1996-1999

Visiting Scholar, Professor and Guest Supervisor, Hiroshima Psychoanalytic Society, August 27-Sept. 2 2003 Hiroshima, Japan

Visiting Professor and Supervisor, St Petersburg Psychoanalytic Society, June 6- 13, 2005

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