Ekaterina Korobkova
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2004   PhD       -    The University of Chicago (Biophysical Chemistry)
2001   MS         -    Boston University (Physical Chemistry)
1999  Diploma  -    Novosibirsk State University, Russia (Chemistry)




Research Summary

My research interests center on flavonoids, secondary products of plant metabolism. These compounds significantly affect human health as they are present in everyday foods such as tea, juices, fruits, vegetables and other plant products. Recently, our research efforts focused on (1) the interactions of flavonoids with cytochrome c, a protein located on the inner mitochondrial membrane that plays a significant role in oxidative phosphorylation and apoptosis; (2) interactions of flavonoids and specifically anthocyanins with metal cations. These interactions play an important role in the metabolism of polyphenolic compounds and metal homeostasis in the human body. The metal chelate complexes of anthocyanins affect plant colors and modulate various physiological and ecological processes.

Research interests: flavonoids, metal-anthocyanin complexes, mitochondrial proteins, peroxidases, cytochrome c.