Macaulay Curriculum

As a freshman and sophomore, you'll participate in four seminars with other University Scholars from across CUNY. These seminars focus on dynamic aspects of New York City and integrate experiences in the Cultural Passport and traditional academic study. The seminars include

  • The Arts in New York City
  • The Peopling of New York
  • Science and Technology in New York City
  • New York in the 21st Century

As juniors and seniors, you'll participate in John Jay’s uniquely themed Honors Program curriculum on the “Common Good.” This curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and ethical decision-making with attention to global concerns, community responsibility and civic mindedness. The upper level honors courses span a wide range of interests, from poetry to politics, as you deepen your learning through rigorous course work, engagement with your peers, mentoring, research opportunities with outstanding faculty and an in-depth honors capstone.

The Honors Program curriculum challenges you to consider questions of the common good in an era of increasing globalization. You'll explore the theme from multiple perspectives and explore enduring questions of human existence and contemporary questions of social justice through disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities, social sciences and sciences and your own experiences.

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