Advanced Certificate in Transnational Organized Crime Studies (ACTOCS)

The Advanced Certificate in Transnational Organized Crime Studies (ACTOCS) offers advanced instruction on the nature, dynamics, causes, and control of those crime phenomena that pose a challenge to more than one country and call for international cooperation. It examines the nature and etiology of established as well as emerging transnational organized criminal groups and criminal activities. The focus is on illegal cross-border trade such as the trafficking of drugs, counterfeit medicine, and humans; transnational predatory crimes such as serial burglary; international environmental crimes; money laundering, corruption, and cybercrime; networks of offenders involved in these crimes and their terrestrial and virtual mobility; and factors that facilitate and shape transnational crime, including technology, international travel, trade, and migration.

This advanced certificate program is appropriate for students who wish to engage in research, join law enforcement agencies at national or international levels, or see employment at public or private organizations. If you are intersted, please see further information here.




Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how criminal structures and illegal activities transcend international boarders
  • Demonstrate knowledge if international legal and institutional frameworks for responding to transnational organized crime
  • Think critically about potential solutions for transnational crime and develop theoretically grounded and evidence-based policy solutions that integrate interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Be able to classify and analyze transnational organized crime phenomena
  • Be able to critically assess the validity and reliability of data on transnational crime
  • Demonstrate knowledge of private sector, public private and civil society responses to transnational crime and identify best practices in this field
  • Gain knowledge about less common form, as well as emerging new forms of transnational crime

This is a stand-alone certificate at the graduate level. A student may pursue the advanced certificate independent of a master's degree or while pursuing a John Jay master's degree. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a New York State Educational Department certificate.

Application Information

If you are a MA degree seeking student and wish to pursue ACTOCS, you must submit the following forms to Jay Express Services (you can go in person to L - New Building or email and provide your full name, program, and EMPLID #)  to ADD or REMOVE Advanced Certificate Application AND the Advanced Certificate Completion Application. You may submit the former if you wish to enroll or withdraw from any certificate program. In addition, you may submit the Completion form when you are enrolled in the final certificate course(s) OR, at the beginning of the semester you intend to graduate.

Required Course (3 credits)

ICJ 706 Transnational Crime

Electives (9 credits)

ICJ 705 Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights

ICJ 725 Environmental Crime

ICJ 726 Drug Trafficking

ICJ 729 Organized Crime: An International Perspective

ICJ 730 Human Trafficking

ICJ 755 Terrorism and Transnational Crime

ICJ 762 Corruption and the Global Economy

CRJ 713 White Collar Crime

CRJ/FCM 727 Cyber Criminology

CRJ 784 Organized Crime

SEC 727 Information Technology and Cybercrime





Program Coordinator of the Advanced Certificate in Transnational Organized Crime Studies (ACTOCS)

Jennifer Geist Rutledge, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science 
Office: New Building, 09.65.08
Phone: 646-557-4696
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