Grade Point Average Required for Continued Enrollment

Students must meet specific grade point average requirements at specific levels of credit to remain in good standing.

Credits Attempted     Minimum Cumulative GPA Required

0–12                                                   1.50
13–24                                                 1.75
25 and above                                     2.00

Academic Probation

Students with grade point averages that fall below the required minimum may be placed on academic probation.  During this probationary period, students who make satisfactory academic progress will continue to maintain their academic standing with the College and their concurrent eligibility for financial aid.


The academic records of students who fail to meet the minimum retention standards are reviewed each semester by the Academic Review Committee, which determines whether there has been satisfactory progress toward meeting required standards.  Students who, in the judgment of the committee, have not made adequate progress are dismissed from the College.  Upon dismissal, a student must remain separated from the University for a least one year.  There is no presumption that students will be readmitted after one year.

Students who receive two Fs, WUs or Rs, or any combination thereof in remedial or developmental courses are not permitted to continue at the College.  (For a list of these courses, see the Remedial and Developmental Courses section of this chapter.)  Students may not appeal the denial of registration.  Students may apply for readmission after completing the equivalent remedial or developmental course at a community college.

Reinstatement after Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from the College because of academic failure may seek reinstatement after separation from the University for one year.  The process for reinstatement is initiated by the submission of an application for readmission to the Office of the Registrar.  Deadline dates are available on the readmission application which are strictly enforced.  Students are encouraged to reapply as early as possible.  The application is reviewed by the Readmissions Committee and a disposition is determined.

SEEK eligible students are referred to the SEEK Department for further screening and evaluation to determine eligibility.  If a student is approved for readmission through SEEK, he or she re-enters the College on academic probation and must follow the plan developed through SEEK Departmentwhich is formalized under a signed contract and placed in the student’s cumulative record.  Failure to meet the conditions of readmission results in permanent dismissal.