CUNY Justice Academy (CJA) Advisement

Welcome CUNY Justice Academy (CJA) Transfer Students!
CJA students

The Academic Advisement Center (AAC) is excited to partner with you as you make the transition from your community college to your first semester at John Jay College and beyond. 

Once your transfer credits have been evaluated, you will be emailed detailed instructions on how to schedule a mandatory academic advisement appointment. Please note, a wait time in between your confirmation and invitation to schedule an advisement appointment is completely normal.  

Advisement and registration for the fall semester begins early May.
Advisement and registration for the spring semester begins early December.

During your academic advisement appointment, we will work together to identify first semester course options, making careful recommendations based on what you already earned credit for through your community college Associate degree program.  An Academic Advisor will also share information about degree requirements, major advising, online advising tools, registration tips, and opportunities at John Jay.  

Review your CJA Four Year Academic Plan and CJA advisor contact information here.


Transfer Student Academic Planning and Registration Resources

Will be reviewed during your advisement appointment:


Transfer To CUNY With Ease Video Series

Hear directly from other CUNY students, who share their own experiences and tips for how to access college resources, succeed academically, maintain a healthy and balanced life, and plan for a rewarding career.

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John Jay Student Resources, Emergency Assistance, & Tuition/Book Assistance

Entering Transfer Student Events

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