CUSP Careers

Apart of being a CUSP student, you have an assigned career specialist dedicated to helping you with professional development and confidence to take the next step towards your career aspirations.

Career assistance offered to you for being part of CUSP:

  • One-on-one Career Counseling
  • Personalized Resume and Cover Letter Review
  • Post-grad planning assistance
  • Workshops and Events to help gage your career exploration

Get involved and start exploring your career options at John Jay College by attending career panels, professional development workshops, and exploring internship options.

Check out the link below to RSVP for upcoming CUSP Professional Development Opportunities:

Micro-Internship Program Micro Internships are short-term, project-based experiences designed to provide practical experience to transfer students who have little to no professional experience, while also enhancing their skills. Each project is 12 hours of completion time for the duration of 2-4 weeks. CUSP students who attend three professional development workshops and successfully complete a project during the targeted timeframe will receive a stipend.  Students who complete a project during the targeted timeframe will receive a $500 stipend.


  • This must be your first semester as a CUSP Transfer student
  • Have NOT completed a Micro-Internship before

If you have any questions, email Eurekka Wilson at

The Basta Fellowship is a rigorous career prep program designed to support you in landing a great first job and provide you with coaching across your first year of work. The program includes weekend workshops, weekly virtual meetings, 1:1 calls with dedicated coaches, and opportunities to meet top companies and interview for full-time jobs. If you are a student with a graduation date between Summer 2023 and Fall 2025, and looking for a great first job, Basta is for you.

To apply, visit: and complete the 25 minute application.

  • The Pre-Law Institute and Center for Post–Graduate Opportunities (PLI/CPO) facilitates admission to law schools and graduate schools and offers access to fellowships and scholarships through strategic programs and resources. 
    • PLI/CPO programs and resources include:
      • Individual advisement
      • Judicial internships
      • Individual guidance in developing personal essays and applications
      • An introduction to the rigor and discipline required to succeed in a law school or graduate school setting
      • Professional networking  opportunities
      • Preparation for the LSAT or GRE 
    • Please email for appointments!
  • Checkout the graduate admissions webpage for more information about Master programs at John Jay

Follow these simple steps to make an appointment with a CUSP Career Specialist. Click Here

Eurekka Wilson, CUSP Career Specialist
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