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General SEEK Questions and for Scheduling Appointments 
phone: 212.237.8169

Request an Appointment with a SEEK Learning Facilitator: HERE 

Need to Reschedule? Cancel? Or Have Questions? Contact the SEEK Academic Support Front Desk at:

Scheduling Appointments

  • Students can request appointments by 3 methods: our online academic support request form (see link above), email, or our Virtual Front Desk on Microsoft Teams​​​​​​
  • Appointments can be made on a Single (One-Time Only)Weekly, or Biweekly (Once Every 2 Weeks) basis

Duration and Capacity of Synchronous Academic Support Sessions

  • A single session can run for 30 minutes (minimum), 45 minutes1 hour, and 1 hour, 15 minutes (maximum)
  • A SEEK Learning Facilitator can support up to 4 students in a single session for the same course or subject, and on the same platform (Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate)

Canceling Appointments

  • Students should cancel their appointments for at least one hour in advance. Cancellations can be made through email or our Virtual Front Desk on Microsoft Teams

Missed Appointments

  • Students with a weekly or biweekly appointment who miss 3 consecutive sessions will be at risk of losing their spot on their SEEK Learning Facilitator's schedule.
  • To regain it (if still available), the student must request and attend 3 consecutive Single (One-time only) sessions

Scheduling and Attending Asynchronous Academic Support Appointments

  • Students who request a single, weekly, or biweekly asynchronous academic support appointment should provide a time frame for their responses to their Facilitators' emails or comments: a set of hours on a given day during which the Facilitator can expect the students' most immediate feedback. Being responsive during this time frame will count as attendance. Zero response without prior cancellation will count as a missed appointment.

  • The SEEK Learning Facilitator will be assigned time in their workday for their asynchronous session, which could be different than the time frame provided by the student. 

  • At the start of the first appointment, the Facilitator will send the student an introductory email, introducing themselves as the SEEK Learning Facilitator for their single, weekly, or biweekly asynchronous session for their course (e.g. MAT105) or subject (e.g. Academic Writing).  

  • In this email, the Facilitator will also request that the student respond with the materials needed for the asynchronous appointment to run effectively (e.g. course syllabus, writing prompt, reading assignment, handout, etc.); a set of questions associated with the student's learning goals (e.g. "How can I write well-developed paragraphs with varied sentences?"); and, if the student did not provide one already, a time frame for their own responses.  

  • If the student did not provide a time frame in their online academic support request form, and if their asynchronous appointment has been made, they will be expected to respond within the hour allotted to the Facilitator for their asynchronous work with the student, even if the student's preferred time frame may be at an earlier or later hour. Zero response will count as a missed appointment.  

  • For asynchronous sessions whose content or subject matter would benefit from a more direct, visual approach that only live audio/video calls can offer in a remote learning environment, the Facilitator can briefly record themselves, either on Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, as they narrate and illustrate a key concept in the student's course or subject matter. The resulting video clip can then be attached to an email and sent to the student, size permitting.