Gender Studies Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff throughout John Jay College do research and teach about issues related to gender and sexuality. If you are interested in their work, want to take their class, or want to ask them to be your mentor, feel free to get in touch with them directly.
Faculty & Staff Affiliated with Gender Studies Program
Mark McBeth, Professor English Department NB 7.63.10, Composition@ Rhetoric, Queer Theory, Literacy & Writing Studies
Laura Galeano, Instructor Gender Studies Program LGBTQ+ Identities; Racial Justice
Olivera Jokic, Associate Professor Gender Studies Program Director; English Department English Department NB 7.63.12, history of gender and gender representation, gender and colonialism, writing about gender, women's writing
Ellen Belcher, Associate Professor Library, liaison to Gender Studies Program Gender representation and ornamentation in Neolithic Mesopotamia and Anatolia
Samantha Majic, Professor Political Science Department sex work, civic engagement, public policy, celebrity and politics
Sara McDougall, Professor History Department women’s encounters with justice in Medieval Europe, premodern legal history and gender studies
Robin Freeman, Lecturer Anthropology Department Queer Theory, Harm Reduction, Social Movements
Leah Entenmann, Lecturer Anthropology Department gender violence, human rights, social movements, gender and sexuality
Shonna Trinch, Professor Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender Studies Gender violence, sexualized assault, Seeing Rape, Domestic Violence, Sexuality, Sex and Culture
Mengia Tschalaer, Adjunct Professor Anthropology, Political Science Gender, sexuality, migration, queer asylum, gender and sexual based violence, human rights, AI, intersectionality
Michael Yarbrough, Associate Professor Political Science Department, Law & Society law & society; marriage & family; social movements; transnational queer & feminist politics; law in everyday life; South Africa
Gina Rae Foster, Director Teaching & Learning Center poetry, post-colonial feminism, ontological ethics and aesthetics, cross-cultural domestic violence survivor crisis counseling, cross-cultural sexual assault survivor support
Caroline Reitz English Department English 7.63.17, Female Crime Fiction
Crystal Endsley Taylor, Associate Professor Africana Studies poetry and spoken word arts; Hip Hop Ed work; art as activism; social justice pedagogy; global girlhoods and feminisms of color
Barbara Cassidy Adjunct Professor Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender Studies; playwright, theater, film studies, gender violence, Seeing Rape
Katie Gentile, Professor Interdisciplinary Studies sexual trauma, institutional betrayal, psychoanalysis, feminist queer and critical race theories, posthumanism, animal studies and the climate crisis, the fetus as a fetish object and abortion
Katarzyna Celinska, Associate Professor International Crime & Justice Program, Law, Police Science & Criminal Justice Administration Justice-involved women, corrections, evaluation of violence prevention programs
Hila Shapira Gender Studies Queer Theory, Fiber art, Design, Performance art, Visual Art
Katie Zuber Political Science Department American Legal and Political Institutions; Legal mobilization among marginalized groups; Queer and Feminist Legal Theories
Nicholas Malkov Law, Police Science & Criminal Justice Administration role of race, class, and gender within institutional correctional community; impact upon clients, staff and administration; examination of current correctional institutions and case studies by selected corrections experts
Jacqueline (Jacqui) Young Sociology, Criminal Justice, Gender Studies Victimology, Domestic Violence, Prisons, Arts in Prison
Rosemary Barberet Sociology and International Criminal Justice International feminist criminology, victimology
Maria Cipriani English Department Representations of gender in YA fiction; media and gender
Nicole M. Elias Public Management Gender equity in public administration and policy, identity and representation in human resources management
Alessandra Milagros Early Criminal Justice Gender and Sexuality; Race, Space, and Identity Formation; Queer Theory, Criminology, and Sociology; Drugs and Behavior; Gender, sexuality and the Carceral System