Cybercrime Minor

Criminals have utilized the internet and digital technologies to attack, humiliate, bully, harass, offend, threaten, steal from and otherwise harm victims and exploit and damage computers and other technological devices. The crimes that target digital devices and/or are committed via the internet, computers and related technology are known as cybercrimes.

The cybercrime minor provides students with information on the evolution of cybercrime, theories of cybercrime, cybercrime applications, best practices in conducting private and public cybercrime investigations, obstacles faced in international investigations and the ways to overcome barriers to international investigations and enforcement of cybercrime laws.

Security managers, emergency management professionals, intelligence agents, private investigators, lawyers, compliance officers and many other professionals need to be familiar with cybercrime and the ways in which to deal with and control cybercrime in order to maintain currency in the field and be a more marketable employee in the workforce.

Minor coordinator

Professor Julia von Ferber, Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management

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