BS in Emergency Management

The Emergency Management major provides a foundation in fire and emergency services, with related courses in management and administration. The major prepares students for careers in leadership in fire services, emergency management and administrative aspects of emergency medical services. Students select from one of the three specializations, supported by a common core that integrates fundamental principles of emergency services. A capstone course brings students from all three specializations together for an integrative research project.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Identify and test the core mechanisms of emergency services administration in the public, non-profit, and private sectors; including the organization, training, and management of human and financial resources;
  • Categorize and catalog emergency services and evaluate them in light of public, legal and legislative policy;
  • Design and construct emergency services plans and adopt policies consistent with professional standards which serve the common good and diverse constituencies;
  • Analyze specific situations relevant to emergency services and apply and evaluate appropriate responses;
  • Compose and compile data, documents and reports as well as other operational materials essential to agency mission and purpose.

Advising resources Major Advising Resources including a Sample Five Year Advising Plan 


Professor Robert Till, Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management,