Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC)
Room: 01.94 NB
Email: msrc@jjay.cuny.edu
Phone: 646.557.4635

The Math and Science Resource Center provides tutoring support for about 30 courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, science, and statistics, including most of the courses in the first three years of the Forensic Science/Toxicology/Cell and Molecular Biology majors.  Although we try to accommodate walk-ins when we can, scheduling an appointment in advance is strongly recommended.  The MSRC computer lab features 30 workstations with internet access and a variety of general and discipline-specific software.  The Center also features a resource library with textbooks, molecular model kits, and graphing and scientific calculators.  For more information, please stop by the center or visit our website.  

Make an Appointment with MSRC
To schedule a tutoring service appointment with the Math and Science Resources Center, students may make an appointment on their own via EAB Navigate or by calling the MSRC at (646) 557-4635.