Undergraduate Degree in Toxicology

Bachelor of Science in Toxicology
Toxicology 2

Bachelor of Science in Toxicology

The major in toxicology is an interdisciplinary science that addresses the adverse effects of substances on living organisms caused by chemical, physical or biological agents. The field includes exposure assessment, hazard identification, dose-response analysis, risk characterization and risk management. Toxicologists have the critical responsibility of understanding the effect of exposure to harmful substances found in food, the environment, medicines, licit and illicit drugs and other sources, as well as that of publicizing information of relevance to the public. Through research and education, toxicologists can improve the health and safety of humans and other living organisms and protect the environment in which we live. (Prerequisites & Requirements, admissions information

Contact Info:

Toxicology Major Coordinator: Shu-Yuan Cheng, 646.557.4637, shcheng@jjay.cuny.edu