Undergraduate Programs

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Public Administration Major

The major in Public Administration prepares students for leadership and management roles in public agencies. The major empowers students to analyze, understand and solve problems using the tools of public administration. The major is grounded in our commitment to a broad definition of justice, including equity, diversity, inclusion, ethics, effectiveness, and accountability.

Criminal Justice Management Major

The Criminal Justice Management BS focuses on the development of leadership, supervision, and analytic skills of students who aspire to executive positions in criminal justice agencies such as correctional facilities, courts, and emergency response and law enforcement agencies. The major is designed to introduce students to the American criminal justice system, expose students to management issues and methods, introduce ethical considerations, and provide students with basic knowledge and skills that are needed foradministrative and management positions.

Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics Major

The FEFF programs include the certificate in forensic accounting, the FEFF major, and minors in fraud examination and accounting. The knowledge and skills developed include (depending on the specific sub-program) education in fraud risk, relevant accounting and auditing principles and standards, and data analysis, including preparation of data from evidence and use of data for investigations. Graduates have many future opportunities, including law enforcement, law school, and compliance units. 

BS/MPA Dual Degree

The BS/MPA Program in Public Administration allows exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to simultaneously pursue a dual baccalaureate and master’s degree.  The number of undergraduate elective and courses in the Public Administration Major are reduced, thus enabling them to begin graduate courses once they have fulfilled the college general education requirements and some courses of the major.

Undergraduate Advisor Yvonne Purdie

Email ypurdie@jjay.cuny.edu for more information on undergraduate majors and programs.