Political Science Contact Info

Dr. Maxwell Mak mmak@jjay.cuny.edu 646-557-4662
Department Administrator
Ms. Sandrine Dikambi sdikambi@jjay.cuny.edu 212-237-8187
Deputy Chair of Student Success and Retention
Dr. Jennifer Rutledge jrutledge@jjay.cuny.edu 646-557-4710
Deputy Chair of Faculty Support
Dr. Michael Yarbrough myarbrough@jjay.cuny.edu 212-557-4615
Law and Society Advisors
Dr. Jean Carmalt jcarmalt@jjay.cuny.edu 212-237-8195
Dr. Jamie Longazel jlongazel@jjay.cuny.edu 212-393-6223
Political Science Advisors
Dr. James Cauthen jcauthen@jjay.cuny.edu 212-237-8193
Dr. Katherine Zuber kzuber@jjay.cuny.edu 212-484-1109