CUNY2X Tech Advising & Enrollment

Christopher Church,, is the CUNY2X Tech advisor at John Jay and works with students as they progress through the final stages of their studies and provides one-on-one academic and professional advisement.


  • Computer Science Majors in their junior and senior year


  • Course selection, registration, and degree-progress checks
  • Connecting your computer science classes to a career path
  • In-depth tech career research
  • Employability prep (technical resume, whiteboarding, LinkedIn, GitHub)
  • Information on tech jobs and internships
  • Direct connection to partner employers and career opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

To enroll in the CUNY2x Tech Advisement Cohort, please submit the attached form. The advisement cohort is limited to 150 Computer Science students and students are admitted on a rolling basis if there is availability.

Students of the CUNY2x Tech program are advised to follow this recommended course map