About ISP

Interdisciplinary studies is a unique academic adventure.

The goal of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program (ISP) is to ignite intellectual curiosity, promote scholarly habits of mind and achieve student success. We foster life-long, active learners and ethical citizens, who can read critically, listen attentively, speak thoughtfully and write clearly and analytically.
  • ISP challenges students to consider timely and important issues from multiple perspectives and to make up their own minds.
  • ISP is a learning community of students and teachers.  In our student-centric classrooms we are all co-learners. 
  • ISP believes in "learning by doing."  Our classes are experiential and interactive.  There are no lectures, tests or textbooks.  In addition, students enjoy field trips, guest speakers, internships and other real world experience.
  • ISP courses fulfill General Education and selected major and minor requirements.
  • ISP students read deeply and write thoughtfully and often.  They analyze, debate, discuss, enact, and create in response to interesting and significant texts and events.
  • ISP fosters the critical thinking, research, and communication skills that employers and graduate and professional schools demand.

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For further information, please contact us at aperez@jjay.cuny.edu; 212 237-8460; or stop by the ISP offices 6.65 NB.