Bachelor of Science in Economics 

Economics is the study of how people and societies make choices to accomplish individual and social purposes. In this major, students learn about individual, national and global economic behavior, and then apply theoretical insights and methods of analysis to contemporary challenges involving crime, social justice, and the investigation of fraud and corruption. Faculty Advisor: Jay Hamilton,, 212-237-8093

Minor in Economics 

Economics courses provide students with an opportunity to develop critical and analytical skills that will improve their performance in other courses and professional pursuits. These include understanding graphs and charts, employing statistical analysis, using cost-benefit analysis, evaluating different theoretical perspectives and developing professional presentation and writing skills. (RequirementsAdmissions) Faculty Advisor: Jay Hamilton,, 212-237-8093

Master of Arts in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics at John Jay is a new 36-credit graduate program that provides students with a comprehensive and rigorous education in applied, pluralist economics. It is one of a handful of graduate programs in the country that focuses primarily on issues of economic justice such as economic democracy, diversity, inequality, sustainability, and community development. Students at John Jay will study the history of economics and economic thought, the economics of gender, environmental sustainability, local and international economic development, and global inequalities of income and wealth while acquiring essential technical skills such as writing and data analysis valued by practitioners in the field.

Program graduates will be well prepared to seek employment and promotion in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors or to continue their education in Ph.D. programs, law school, or in other academic and professional credentialing programs. (More information) Program Director: Dr. Ian Seda-Irizarry,, 212-393-6425

Dual BS/MA Program in Economics 

The Economics also offers an accelerated program for qualifying undergraduates to earn both their BS and MA. For more information on admission requirements and application please see here.


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