About Counseling & Human Services

The faculty and staff of the Department of Counseling and Human Services are highly dedicated, accomplished, and passionate psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, community advocates and leaders who come from diverse backgrounds and bring varying experiences and approaches to their work with students. Our faculty seeks to create engaging, enriched, and empowered classroom and field-work experiences and take great pride in their reputation for teaching excellence and the supportive mentorship provided to students.

Working together as a team, the Department of Counseling and Human Services is deeply committed to developing and preparing students for a life’s work as caring professionals, advocates, and change agents in-service to humankind, especially for those populations most at-risk and in need of support.  These ideals are fostered within a dynamic and multi-disciplinary learning environment in which teaching, scholarship, personal development, and the creation and integration of knowledge through field work and peer facilitated programs are celebrated.

John Jay’s commitment to justice and public service anchors the Department’s new and exciting BS in Human Services and Community Justice. With collaborative support from the Department of African Studies, the HSCJ major, through its specialized courses and practicum experiences prepares students to become self-reflective, competent practitioners, and community leaders and social justice advocates. Our faculty are also seasoned and licensed clinicians who have worked in the field, and therefore the wealth of knowledge and real-world experience they bring to the classroom is invaluable to students seeking to prepare for careers in human service. 

The extremely popular Minor in Counseling provides students with the opportunity for a more focused and in-depth specialized training to develop and demonstrate counseling skills in their roles as helping professionals. We believe this highly specialized minor will attract students from Forensic Psychology, Criminal Justice, Human Services and Community Justice and other majors seeking to strengthen their education in direct client service care.