Future of Public Safety: The Conversation Continues

Future for Public Safety

We started our collaborative public safety discussion project with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives in large part to unearth and highlight our considerable areas of agreement. 

But our work did not stop with the six conversations we hosted or the release of our final report with recommendations, either.  We are continuing the conversation about the work to reimagine the future of public safety and the implementation of solutions with communities and leaders across the country.

Below are highlights of interviews, panels, conferences and events at which John Jay President Karol Mason has joined justice and community leaders, advocates, activists and law enforcement professionals to discuss the spectrum of policy and public safety options and best practices to chart a path forward and create safer and more just communities.

The Conversation Continues
President Mason headshot
BBC News Hour: President Mason on Preventing Gun Violence
July 6, 2021
Andrew Cuomo
President Mason at Signing of Gun Violence Disaster Emergency
July 6, 2021
Jonathan Capehart
Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart: President Mason on George Floyd & the "Fear of Black People"
April 27, 2021
ABNY Talks Panel Discussion: The Future of Public Safety
March 29, 2021
Criminal Injustice Podcast: #136 Police Reform from a Rare Perspective
Greater NY Conversation Series: Public Safety and Recovery
March 10, 2021
Beyond Policing: Creating Safe and Just Communities
Obama Foundation -- Reimagining Policing: The Future of Public Safety
December 15, 2020
NFBPA Public Policy Plenary: The Future of Policing
December 29, 2020
Future of Policing: President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice Offers Her Vision
December 22, 2020