Outgoing Equipment - Property Pass System

Any individual wishing to remove any property from the College premises must fill out an “Outgoing Equipment - Property Pass” form. The request must be authorized by the Director or Chairperson of the department and must detail the items being removed. In the event that College property is removed, the CUNY tag number(s) must be provided if available. The form must be presented to the Public Safety officer at the Public Safety desk before exiting the building.

Property Passes Must be Submitted to the Public Safety Officer at the Respective Public Safety Desk Locations:

New Building - 524 W. 59th Street
New Building - 860 11th Avenue
Haaren Hall - 899 10th Avenue
North Hall - 445 W. 59th Street
Westport - 500 W. 56th Street, 1st and 2nd Floor
BMW - 555 W. 57th Street, 6th Floor
BMW - 555 W. 57th Street, 10th Floor
Macaulay Honors College - 35 W. 67th Street