Jay Walk Use Policies & Operating Hours


The Hours of Operation are:

Monday-Thursday 7:45AM to 10:00PM

Friday 7:45AM to 9:00PM

Saturday 7:45 AM to 6:00PM

Sunday 9:00AM to 3:15PM

The Jay Walk is a unique roof-top outdoor environment perched high above the City streets that also serves as another connection between Haaren Hall and the New Building.  This park-like setting was designed to enhance the feeling of community throughout the College and is an integral part of the campus.  The space is primarily for rest and relaxation although at times special events will be scheduled there.  The Jay Walk can be accessed through doors on 2nd floor of the New Building, Student Dining Hall and Faculty/Staff Dining Room and through doors at Haaren Hall’s second floor. The Jay Walk features wireless access, patios, decks, benches, lawn areas, chairs and tables for dining.

For the enjoyment of all those using the space, use of the Jay Walk comes with guidelines and limitations. 

You are welcome…

  • to enjoy the space, including the great lawn with friends and colleagues
  • to enjoy your lunch, snack and refreshments on the lawn on the seating provided
  • to enjoy the gardens without entering the raised flowerbeds or picking flowers
  • to enjoy the vegetable garden without entering the garden or picking vegetables
  • to use a chair or one seat on a bench designed for sharing
  • to deposit waste in trash or recycling receptacles
  • to smell flowers, not smoke (call 311 for help to quit)


The Following are Prohibited on The Jay Walk:

  • alcohol use, except by approval or permission  
  • shade structures or umbrellas (except for an approved event)
  • posting of advertising for events
  • sitting or standing on banisters or railings
  • feeding birds
  • amplified music that disturbs others
  • performances, except by approval or permission
  • obstructing entrances and exits
  • bicycle riding and parking, skateboarding, or rollerblading
  • motor driven toys
  • nudity
  • sports or sport-like activities (e.g. Frisbee)
  • rough housing
  • tobacco use (no smoking; no use of any type of tobacco product)
  • open flame 


Note: Glass blocks (lights) and concrete paving blocks are randomly embedded in the turf which may cause injury if aggressive play takes place.

Please be respectful of others who are also enjoying the space.