Student Organizations

Student Organizations


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John Jay's student organizations show the diversity of our students and their interests. No matter what your passion, you're sure to find a club that best suits you. Below is the current listing of student organizations and contact information. Call today to join! If there is something you do not see you can be sure to come by our office to start it up!


Computer Science Society ~ Room: L2.70.14
Unifying John Jay students and faculty who are interested in the field of computer science. Using our knowledge and skills we have learned from various computer classes to help the community better understand computers and computing.

Economics Club~ Room: L2.70.20 PH:(212) 621-4153 
Emphasis is placed on connecting students with faculty and networking opportunities in an effort to extend economic education beyond the classroom. 

Forensic Science Society ~Room: L2.70.10
Our mission is to foster the interest of those pursuing a future career relating to the forensic and medical sciences, and to all who are curious about the aforementioned subjects.

International Criminal Justice Club (ICJ) ~ Room: L2.70.02 PH: (212) 621-4113 
Streamlining the diversity of the ICJ major into a more comprehensive and less complex entity through events, programming, interaction and education. 

John Jay Sentinel ~ Room: L2.70.15 PH:(212) 621-4073 
The student run newspaper at John Jay College of Criminal Justice serves the students and faculty by reporting news involving and relevant to the campus community and surrounding areas. 

La Voz  
In conjunction with the Latin American Studies Department, LVC strives to bring awareness to issues affecting Latinos in the US, throughout Latin America and in Latino communities, the voice of the community. 

Law Society ~ Room:L2.70.12 PH:(212) 621-4152 
Creating essential programs and services for aspiring legal professionals, through education and community programs. 

Masters of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA) ~ Room:L2.70.09 PH:(212) 621-4158 
Increase awareness of the field of Public Administration through education, professional opportunities, networking and much more. 

Political Science Student Association (PSSA)~ Room: L2.70.20
Discuss how beliefs, activities, and experience affect government and policy. Promote the social and service functions of this campus and community with the goal of influencing students to participate more actively in the political process.


ABADA-Capoeira ~ Room:L2.70.05 PH:(212) 621-4165 
Introducing Brazilian Culture and the Brazilian art of Capoeira to the John Jay community through instruction, demonstrations and performances. 

Boxing Club ~ Room:L2.70.21 PH:(212) 621-4156 
To practice, train and understand the fundamentals of boxing while providing accessibility to the John Jay community.

Martial Arts
Promoting a positive learning environment with an emphasis on well-being and self-discipline through the structure of martial arts, martial art practice and meditation. 

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)~ Room:L2.70.14
Building Support through communication with student athletes and other areas of the student body and discussing NCAA matters for the JJAY community .


Artists United (AU) ~ Room:L2.70.26 PH:(212) 621-4072 
Music lovers with a keen interest in musical expression & arrangements at John Jay.

Campus Activity Board (CAB)
The Campus Activity Board (CAB) is comprised of a diverse group of John Jay students who collectively plan campus-wide events throughout the academic year.

Debonair Steppers ~ Room:L2.70.23 PH:(212) 621-4159 
Step team infused with school spirit performs at events and local step competitions. Our organization statement is to step with style, class, body and grace. 

Graphic Novels club (GNC) ~ Room:L2.70.25 PH:(212) 621-4163 
Understanding Japans influence on American culture through the use of Anime, mangas, video games and Pop Culture. Creating a community and forum for those interested in the Graphic novel in all its forms 

Ink ~ Room:L2.70.22 PH:(212) 621-4157 
As a creative writing club, INK creates a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student writers, learn, through workshops and exercises to benefit an individual's skill and competence as a writer. 

John Jay Radio ~ Room:L2.70.24 PH:(212) 621-4173 
Seeking to promote and foster knowledge of American Broadcasting and other forms of media, through events, music, programming, collaborations and education.

John Jay Singers Association
A group of singers who come together to join our voices in peace, harmony, and love. Each and every one of us have grown a passion for singing in which for many it had become a hidden talent. Our mission here is to be able to touch one's heart with our voices and our unity as well as give others such as students, alumni, faculty and staff a chance to sing.

Photography Club ~ Room:L2.70.24 PH:(212) 621-4173 
Introduce the John Jay populace to the world of photography, creative art and 2D art, helping the JJay community find their focus through the viewfinder. 

Shut Up! & Listen ~ Room:L2.70.26 PH:(212) 621-4072 
A verbal forum where JJ students can express themselves in a creative and constructive environment, through spoken word, song, vocal and creative thinking etc. 

Theatrical Players  ~ Room L2.70.02 PH: (212) 621-4113 
Theater productions written and performed by students; American College Theater productions, collaborations with the Theater Arts Department 

Universal Image ~ Room:L2.70.05 PH:(212) 621-4165 
Celebrating, sharing and communicating the diversity of the JJay community through dance, performance and exhibitions proving that we are all one universal image 


African Students Association (ASA) ~ Room L2.70.04 PH:(212) 621-4167 
Enhances and mainstreams knowledge of the diverse African cultures through performance, lectures, and music, dance and creative arts.

Arab Student Union (ASU) ~ Room:L2.70.07 PH:(212) 621-4176 
Introducting the diversity of Middle Eastern culture through food, film, lectures, music, presentations and dance. 

Black Student Union (BSU)~ Room:L2.70.21
The purpose of Black Student Union is to foster an environment whereby students can be introduced to black history, culture, and politics in order to provide a more complete sense of self-consciousness, education, black unity, and respect through participating in social and political functions on and off campus that provide enrichment and enlightenment.

Desi Society ~ Room:L2.70.07 PH:(212) 621-4176 
Introduction to the diversity of Desi culture through events, performances, lectures, food and cultural festivals .

Dominican Student Association (DSA)~ Room:L2.70.11 PH:(212) 621-4154 
Dominican Student Association serves as a guide to Dominican history and culture, DSA seeks to promote Dominican culture through education, activities and events. 

Haitian American Students Association (HASA) ~ Room: L2.70.04 PH:(212) 621-4167 
Celebrating the comingling of both Haitian and American culture and the resulting melting pot through music, dance, lectures, fundraising and cultural celebrations.

International Students Association (ISA)~ Room: 1212 NH 
Assisting international students in their transition from their respective countries to the John Jay community and serving as a platform for cross cultural exchange.

Jamaica Yahso ~ Room:L2.70.23 PH:(212) 621-4159 
Creating a positive and impactful impression of Jamaican culture through events, lectures, philanthropy, food and cultural reflection 

Korean Students Association (KSA)~ Room: L2.70.02
Providing seminars and events to enrich the understanding of Korean culture and how it affects being a Korean American student.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)~ Room:L2.70.14
Encourage the interaction with the John Jay community while empowering the student body, to connect with their roots, and furthering human rights and political awareness in America. 

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) ~ Room:L2.70.12 PH:(212) 621-4152 
This organization promotes justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the indigenous Palestinian people. 


The purpose of the All-Inclusive organization is to create a more inclusive environment for students with disabilities seen and unseen, and to better integrate them into John Jay and its community. Also, to create a strong level of transparency and a strong level of communication when it comes to John Jay's staff, clubs, and Student Council so that if anything happens that affects students, they are the first to know.

ALPFA ~ Room L2.70.02 PH: (212) 621-4113 
John Jay chapter of the professional organization in finance, accounting, and other related professions 

Anti-Bullying Club (ABC)
The purpose of the Anti-Bullying Club is to provide John Jay College students with information regarding different forms of bullying, how to prevent bullying and how to help those who have been bullied by organizing events, such as support groups, workshops, walks and other activities.

Environmental Club~ Room: L2.70.16  
Our purpose is to make John Jay more environmentally friendly by increasing awareness of environmental issues, conducting various recycling programs, and participating in outdoor activities where students will appreciate the environment.

JJ Auxiliary University Program (JJAUP) 
Students who join the detachment have the opportunity to work in various harbor contexts as a volunteer. The Auxiliary University Program (AUP) combines these practical experiences with an academic education to develop students' leadership and technical skills. Through academic coursework students are able to obtain a certification and learn about dynamic career paths in the USCG.

JJ DREAMers ~Room: L2.70.08
Educate and unify the student body on immigration issues, seek to represent and protect the needs and aspirations of students both documented and undocumented. 

LGBTQ & Allies ~Room L2.70.14
A judgment free and safe environment for the LGBTQ community and their straight allies to meet and interact. Creating a positive representation of the LGBTQ through the sharing of information, dialogue and events.

Mock Trial Association ~ Room:L2.70.22 PH:(212) 621-4157 
A network that unites students interested in refining their advocacy skills through participation in simulated trials. 

NAMI ~ Room:L2.70.06 PH: (212) 621-4164 
National grassroots advocacy organization that addresses mental illness by establishing a better understanding of the community through education and communication

SEEK Society ~Room: L2.70.25
Promote community building and leadership among the SEEK and non-SEEK students through networking, professional development, events and more.

Socially Awkward~ Room: L2.70.16 
To build communities of self-acceptance within various educational institutions and achieve its purpose through anti-bullying campaigns, academic and philanthropic endeavors.

Students Without Borders~ Room: L2.70.02
The mission of Students Without Borders is aimed at raising awareness of human rights violations by observing international laws and standards of international organizations.

Social Justice Project (SoJust)~ Room: L2.70.02
Furthering John Jay’s mission of educating for justice by facilitating awareness about what a more just world might look like, and actively working to create such a world.

United Nations Student Association (UNSA) ~ Room:L2.70.14 
Promote knowledge and awareness of the United Nations and the international system; provide an atmosphere for learning and understanding the process of developing foreign policy. 

Veterans Association ~ Room:229HH PH:(212) 237.4108 
A network for student veterans, dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of students with prior/current military associations building a community for the veterans of John Jay open to the community of John Jay. 

Women’s Empowerment Society ~Room L2.70.14
Raising awareness of women’s rights as they affect the JJay community from a local through a global level issuing empowerment through education, seminars, community activism to enable better leaders of tomorrow.

Youth Justice Club~ Room: L2.70.16
Raising awareness regarding the juvenile justice system , contributing to system reform on a federal level, and assisting formerly incarcerated youth with reintegration into society. 

Philanthropic/Community Service Clubs

Habitat for Humanity~ Room:L2.70.06 PH: (212) 621-4164 
Raising awareness from affordable housing issues to homelessness relief and the improvement of NYC living conditions with a commitment to helping increase living standards from the John Jay community 

Students in Action ~ Room:L2.70.11 PH:(212) 621-4154 
Providing JJay Students with the opportunity to employ social justice to communities with unmet needs. 


John Jay Republicans Club ~ Room L2.70.06 PH: (212) 621-4164
Works to aid John Jay students in developing political and leadership abilities, discuss and share conservative and libertarian principles associated with the Rupublican Party, and prepare them for future service for their community.


Hillel~ Room:L2.70.10 PH:(212) 621-4155 
Creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment; fostering student growth and balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human through community events and cultural expression. 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) ~ Room:L2.70.08 PH:(212) 621-4170 
Works to promote and encourage a positive campus life through witnessing and song. Finding guidance in song, worship and spirituality, creating a peaceful community away from everyday issues thereby building a community of excited and ambitious spiritual leaders able and committed to leading the world outside of John Jay.

Muslim Students Association (MSA) ~ Room: L2.70.09 PH:(212) 621-4158 
Social group for students of diverse ethnicities to maintain and increase their faith in a college environment; an outlet in which to express their creativity and ideas; a tool by which non-Muslims and Muslims alike can learn about Islam and eradicate stereotypes with regards to Islam.


1.  Habitat for Humanity/Republican Club (212) 621-4164 L2.70.06

2. ALPHA/ ICJ/Theatrical Players (212) 621-4113 L2.70.02

3. African Students Association/ Haitian Students Association (212) 621-4167 L2.70.04 

4. Artist United/Shut Up! & Listen (212) 621-4072 L2.70.26 

5. Boxing Club/ Martial Arts Club (212) 621-4156 L2.70.21 

6. Capoeira /Universal Image (212) 621-4165 L2.70.05 

7. Graphic Novels/Intelligentsia (212) 621-4163 L2.70.25 

8. Desi/ Arab Club (212) 621-4176 L2.70.07 

9. Dominican Students Association/Students in Action (212) 621-4154 L2.70.11 

10. Debonair Steppers/Jamaica Yahso (212) 621-4159 L2.70.23 

11. Debate Society/Economics (212) 621-4153 L2.70.20 

12. Hillel Club/ UNSA (212) 621-4155 L2.70.10 

13. Ink/ Mock Trial Association (212) 621-4157 L2.70.22 

14. La Voz TBA TBA 

15. Muslim Students Association /MPA Students Association (212) 621-4158 L2.70.09 

16. Photography Club/Radio Club (212) 621-4173 L2.70.24 

17. Law Society/ Students for Justice in Palestine (212) 621-4152 L2.70.12 

18. Sentinel (212) 621-4073 L2.70.15 

19. IVCF (212) 621-4170 L2.70.08 

20. Veterans Association (212) 237-4108 3140N