Mark McBeth

Mark McBeth

Associate Professor
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212 237 8815
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The Graduate Center, CUNY, NYC  Ph.D., May 2001, M.Phil., Magna Cum Laude, 1999, English ­Composition/Rhetoric

Dissertation: The Tightrope of Desire: Lessons from Oscar Browning

           Dissertation Prize: Paul Monette Outstanding Dissertation in the Field of Gay and Lesbian Literature

City College of New York, CUNY, NYC Masters of Arts, 1995, Magna Cum Laude, English Language and Literacy

Thesis:  The Queen’s English: The Forms and Functions of Gaylect

Beaver College (now Arcadia), Glenside, PA  Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1984, Summa Cum Laude, Printmaking

            Thesis: La Maison d’Etre, Monotype Prints on Handmade Paper 

Scholarly Work


“Revising by Numbers: An Evaluation from the Innumerate” in Journal of Response to Writing 1.2 (August 2015): n. pgs.  Web. 

 “Proclivities: The Irregular (Dis)Positions of Queer and Composition/ Rhetoric Studies” in Special Issue “Queer and Now” The Writing Instructor Special Issue: Queer and Now. (Eds.) Aneil Rallin, Robert Koch, and Trixie G. Smith.  (March 2015): n. pgs. Web.

Equal Opportunity Programming & Optimistic Program Assessment:  First-Year Writing Program Design and Assessment at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Composition Forum

“Apologia Without Apologies: A Local Lecture on Full-Time Lecturers” with Tim McCormack Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity.  (Eds.) Seth Kahn, Bill Lalicker, and Amy Lynch-Biniek.  Under Contract with WAC Clearinghouse.

 “Queerying the First-Year Composition Student (and Teacher): A Democratizing Endeavor” with Tara Pauliny in Queer Landscapes: Mapping Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy  Eds., James E. Wermers, Elizabeth McNeil, and J. Oakleaf Lunn.: Under Consideration with Palgrave Macmillan Queer Studies in Education.

 “WPAs Go To Work—for a Decade:  Building a First-Year Writing Program” with Tim McCormack.  Working Writing Programs: Innovations, Issues, and Opportunities. (Ed.) Bryna Siegel Finer): Under Consideration with Utah State University Press.

 “(Dis)Satisfaction” Writing from the Inside Out in IWT Journal (Bard College) 8 (2013): 36-38.


Writing Program Certificate of Excellence, Application Materials, Recipient of the Award at the March 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada Conference


Enacting Eve: A Testimonial in “The Turn to Performance” CCC Online 1.1 (January 2012):  <>


“Renaming Curiosity/Resisting Ignorance: Interviewing Queerness” with Martha Marinara in Listening to our Elders: Working and Writing for Change.  Eds., Samantha Blackmon, Cristina Kirklighter, and Steve Parks.  Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2011. 

Book Review of The Community College Writer: Exceeding Expections by Howard Tinburg and Jean-Paul Nadeau.  Composition Forum. 24 (Fall 2011): 157. 

Remediating Basic Writing History: A Book Review of Basic Writing by George Otte and Rebecca Williams Mlynarczyk.  Radical Teacher. 90 (Spring 2011): 67-69.


“(Un)Standard Deviations: Observing Diversity/Enabling Divergence” Writing Program Administrator, Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators.  33.3 (Spring 2010): 129-134.


“A Dimmer Shade of Crimson: Historicizing the Ivy League Basic Writer.” Book Review Essay.  The CEA Forum. 38.2 (Summer/Fall 2009):


“Memoranda of Fragile Machinery:  A  Portrait of Mina Shaughnessy as Intellectual Bureaucrat.”  Writing Program Administrator. 31.1/2 (Fall/Winter).  48 – 64.

“The City University of New York and the Shaughnessy Legacy: Today’s Scholars Talk Back.” (co-authored with Judith Summerfield, Peter Gray, Cheryl C. Smith, Crystal Benedicks, Linda Hirsch, Mary Soliday, and Jessica Yood) Journal of Basic Writing.  26.2 (Fall). 5 – 29.


“ Arrested Development: Revising Remediation at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.” Journal of Basic Writing.  25.2 (Fall).  76 – 93.

 “Whose Afraid of Oscar Browning?: Revising an Historical Portrait.”  Back to Bloomsbury— An Online Publication of the Conference Proceedings of The International Virginia Woolf Society


“Simon Says: A Response from Two Nineteenth-Century Educators.”  Journal of the History of Education. (September) 33.5: 597-602.

Teacher Training at Cambridge: The Initiatives of Oscar Browning and Elizabeth Hughes, co-authored    with Dr. Pam Hirsch, Cambridge University.  London. Woburn Press, 2004.


“Tightrope of Desire: Victorian Student/Teacher Relationships” in Gender, Politics, and the Experience of Education: An International Perspective.  London: Woburn Publishers, 2002: 46-72.


“The Queen’s English: A Queery in Contrastive Rhetoric” in Contrastive Rhetoric Theory Revised and Redefined.  Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, 2001: 105-122.

Review of Queerly Phrased.  Journal of Advanced Composition.  20.4 (Fall).  983-988.

“Teacher Self-Awareness and Student Motivation.”  Looking Both Ways: High School Teachers Talk about Language and Learning.  NYC: CUNY Office of Academic Affairs.  31-42.

 “Monstrous Changes: Composition, Desire and Dream in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.”  The Explicator (Spring) 57: 3: 143-145.


“Body Oddities: Hypothetical (Com)Positions from the Physically Extreme.”  Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (Winter) 4: 10-24.

  “In My Absence.”  Global City Review 10: 76-79.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Educator’s Guide.  Bilbao, Spain: Guggenheim Museum.


“Practice Makes Perfect: Learning to Teach as a Graduate Student.”  ADE Bulletin  118 (Winter): 15-21.


“The Paradigm of the Desk.”  English in Texas  26 (Summer): 42-48.


2013    Faculty Recognition Award, Distinguished Teaching, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

2013    Certificate for Excellence in Writing Programs, Conference of College Composition & Communication

2009    Special Recognition Essay Award for “Memoranda of Fragile Machinery,” Council of Writing Program Administrators

2007    National Award for Innovation in Basic Writing Curriculum, Conference of Basic Writing



“Pedagogies of Embodiment: Diversity in Practice”  Invited Roundtable Speaker, CUNY Graduate Center English Ph.D. Program (October 24) New York, NY

"Writing for Improved Textual Analysis: The Reflective Annotated Bibliography”  Invited Speaker/Workshop Leader, Baruch College English Department (October 14) New York, NY


“WAC from Arguments to Conventions: Programmatic Development”  Invited Speaker/Consultant, Scripps College (June 13-16) Claremont, CA. 


“Writing Program as Good Intentions or Equal Opportunity” Invited Speaker, Hofstra University (April 25) Hempstead, NY.

“Thinking Outside the Triangle: Comp/Rhet Research, Performance Studies & Queer Theory” Invited Speaker, St. John’s University, Manhattan Campus (March 29) New York, NY.


“Framing the Framework for Teachers” Invited Speaker, Teacher’s College, Columbia University (April 14) New York, NY.


“(Un)Common Reading: Introducing Academic Literacies; (Un)Expected Writing: Challenging Academic Literacies” Invited Speaker William Paterson University. (October 14) Wayne, NJ.


“The Rhetoric of Disciplines: Discerning Disciplinary Customs & Conventions.” Invited Speaker Queens College/CUNY. (April 29) New York, NY.


“Beating Not Your Poor Head Upon the Desk: Getting What You Want from Student Writing.” Invited Speaker William Paterson University. (October 25) Wayne, NJ.

“Fashioning Writing: Promoting Writing at the Fashion Institute of Technology.” Invited Speaker Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY.  (February 10) New York, NY.

1996    “The Queen’s English: Functions & Forms of Gaylect.”  Invited Lecture in a Series of Multicultural Issues.  Ursinus College. (November 5)  Collegeville, PA.

Invited Lecture. “Gaylect: A Manhattan Study.” Segue Foundation.  (June 6) NYC.

Area of Expertise

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords


CUNY Graduate Center/CUNY/365 Fifth Avenue/NYC

Associate Professor/Ph.D. Program in English              September 2011-Present

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY/445 W. 59th St./NYC

Associate Professor                                                     September 2002-Present

City College of New York, CUNY/138th St. & Convent Ave./NYC

Director of the Writing Center                                         February 1992-September 2002

City College of New York, CUNY/138th St. & Convent Ave./NYC

Assistant Director of English Composition                                September 1993-September 1998

City College of New York, CUNY/138th St. & Convent Ave./NYC

 Adjunct Lecturer/English Composition                          September 1993-September 2002


• Curriculum Building: Writing Courses/Literacy Initiatives/Composition Programming (Ph.D. Seminar) • Introduction to Ph.D. Studies in English (Ph.D. seminar) •  Seduction of the Archives (Ph.D. seminar) • Queer Lines of Communication (Ph.D. seminar) • Introduction to Writing Program Administration (Ph.D. seminar) • How the Eye/I Writes: Synthesizing 21st-Century Literacies (Master’s Seminar) • Graduate Introduction to Linguistics for Teachers (Master’s Seminar) • Graduate Teaching Seminar (Master’s Seminar) • Graduate Writing for Public Management (Master’s Seminar) • Research Methods •  Understanding Genre/Form/Voice • Writing for Business • Prose: Form • Prose: Freelancing • Core Humanities • English Composition Basic Writing Courses • English Composition Freshman Core Writing Course • Writing for the Humanities • Writing for Education • Prose: Voice • Empirical Research • Tutor Training Workshop 

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