Cyriaco Lopes

Cyriaco Lopes

Cyriaco Lopes
Assistant Professor
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2002 MFA in Digital Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1999 MFA in Visual Languages, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
1994 BFA in Painting, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro





In the U.S., Cyriaco Lopes’ work has been seen at The Contemporary Art Museums in Baltimore and Saint Louis, at El Museo and at Apexart in NYC. In his native Brazil his work appeared at the National Museum of Fine Arts, The Museums of Modern Art in Rio and Salvador and the Sao Paulo Art Museum (MASP). His work appeared in art institutions in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Chile, Portugal, and since 2009 it was seen in Guent, Nantes, Belfast, Florianópolis, Reykjavik and Genoa. His work has been curated by such artists as Lygia Pape, Janine Antoni, and Luciano Fabro, as well as by art critics such as Paulo Herkenhoff.

Lopes won Stetson University Hand Award for Faculty Achievement (2007), The Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis Project Award (2003), the World Studio Foundation Award (2001), the Phillips Prize of trip to Europe (1997).

The artist holds two MFAs: one in Imaging and Digital Arts, UMBC, Baltimore(2002), and the other in Visual Languages, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (1999). He also attended artist’s residencies such as Skowhegan (2002), Parque Lage (1995) and the London Project (1994).










Still Films (2013)
Photographs that appear in movies as props make new stories. 5 minutes.

Crimes Against Love (2012)
Memorials for victims of homophobic murders in Brazil.

Something Here Inside Cannot be Denied. (2010)
TV commercials are bent to advertise equal rights. 1 minute.

Lingua Franca (The Classroom) (2002/2009)
An English class were everyday becomes exotic. 

Roleplaying: The 5 Greatest Romantic Movies According to AFI (2009)
Two actors improvise a gay loves story over an editing of the 5 greatest romantic films of all times. 9 minutes.

Big Bronze Statues (2009)
Historical love letters by same-sex lovers left along 14th Street.

Criminals (2008-ongoing)
The the eroticization and the spectacular on media coverage of violence in Brazil.

Celestial Bodies (2004)
A romantic sci-fi B movie where the cosmos is the body. 4 minutes. 

The Big Slip (2003)
A collage of Brazilian movies that portray the U.S. and its people, and vice versa.  2 minutes excerpt.



Uma Coisa Into Another (2012)

Annunciation (2012)
A verse is translated to Morse code, Morse to lamaze breathing, then combined. 1minute.

Exit Island, by Terri Witek (Florida Book Award) (2012)
Limited Edition

Uma Coisa Into Another (2011)

Ariadne Auf Naxos (2011)
Poems + images.

A Shelter on King's Road (2010).
The blueprint of the MLK's house that was burned to the ground inside a house museum.

Here a Very Odd Thing Occurred (2009)
Postcards that can be combined to form unexpected verses.



My work is anexperimental and intellectually complex investigation of language and culturaltranslation.  It is presented in avariety of media, ranging from installation to video, from photography toparticipatory art.

the Selfas a process not an entity. 

collaborate with different people tomap our time; to actively provide an account of life that is engaged with thelarger cultural discourse.  My work is impure, multidisciplinary: it makes life into mythology andfiction into experience.


<spancentury gothic';"="">I wander: a foreigner now, as a Brazilian livingin the United States, or maybe just a foreigner still, as a gay man. There isno Ithaca to go back.  About this Aegeanroom that I rent, so close and so far, within and without, I can only tell youthat if the price is steep, the view is great.





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