Support Services

Support Services


Academic Support  in basic skills (Reading, Writing , Mathematics) and college level courses is offered to students throughout their course of study. These services are provided by the SEEK Academic Support Center. Individual and group sessions, can be scheduled by making an appointment in person, by phone or online.


A wide range of counseling services are available to SEEK students. During freshman orientation, students are assigned a counselor who provides personal counseling and information on program and college services, regulations and resources. Counselors advise students to make informed decisions about their goals and assist them to make corresponding choices about courses and majors.


Students who apply to the SEEK Program must also file for the Pell Grant and TAP. SEEK students have a designated Financial Aid advisor who is always willing to assist students and answer their questions.

Ms.Chrissy Pacheco (212) 237-8153

If students prove the need for assistance under federal financial aid guidelines, they may be eligible for funds to cover the student activity fee and the cost of books; and may be granted a stipend (a fixed allowance that helps pay for educational expenses other than tuition).

Federal Pell Grant

This federal entitlement program was instituted to help undergraduate matriculated students meet the cost of their education. Pell grants are awarded to eligible students enrolled in a full-time program (12 or more credits). Reduced grants are available to students enrolled part-time. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Awards range up to $2,025 per semester. Students must apply each year.

SEEK Peer Mentor Program 

The SEEK PEER Mentor program support the goals, expectations, and mission of the SEEK Department from a PEER perspective. 

Mission Statement:

The SEEK Peer Mentors strive to support incoming freshmen and students on academic probation on a professional, academic, and personal level. In addition to helping them adjust to the college’s environment, we endeavor the goals and expectations of the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department.

The Role of a Peer Mentor: 

  • A knowledgeable guide for new students.
  • A thoughtful facilitator who provides access to people and resources.
  • A role model and advocate.
  • Provide academic coaching and support.
  • Serve as peer advisor on academic and personal matters.
  • Represent SEEK on campus tours, at college and career fairs, community events, and other campus events.
TAP (Tuition Assistance Program)

This New York State tuition grant program is available to full-time matriculated students who have been legal residents of New York State for at least one year. Awards, which range from $250 to $2,000 per semester, vary according to financial ability and may be used solely to pay the cost of tuition. Applicants applying as independent students must meet special requirements. SEEK students are eligible for ten semesters of assistance.