Junior Scholars

Junior Scholars



The PRISM Junior Scholars Program provides eligible students with the guidance and resources needed to become professionals in the fields of science, technology, health, and NYS-licensed professions. In this Program, you will receive tutoring in science and math courses through the Math & Science Resource Center at John Jay and attend workshops on various topics that can include improving your study skills, professional development and etiquette, and making the most of your time at John Jay. Although it is preferred that students begin in the program in their freshman year, we accept students of all levels (freshman to senior) as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set by NYSED. The PRISM Junior Scholars Program is supported through an NYSED Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Programs (C-STEP) grant.

Through the Program activities, you are exposed to professionals and careers in science, medicine, and technology. You also receive personalized academic advisement and professional development. In addition, you can receive:

  • Up to $300 in stipends at the end of each semester after successful completion of the program requirements,
  • Discounts on selected Kaplan® products.
  • Up to $500 in reimbursements/year on costs associated with the application to various eligible post-graduate programs (admission exams, application fees, etc.) (while funds last).
  • Personalized academic advisement.
  • Career guidance in science, technology, health, and the NYS-licensed professions.



To be eligible for the Junior Scholars Program, students must:

  • Have officially declared your major as either forensic science (FOS), cell & molecular biology (CMB), toxicology (TOX), computer science (CSIS), or applied mathematics.
  • Be a NY State resident (receive In-State tuition) with a full-time academic load (12 credits/semester or more).
  • Be part of an underrepresented group in science (African-American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian/Native American, or Alaskan native) OR have financial need as defined by NYS.



Once in the programs, Junior Scholars are required to: 

  • Attend a minimum number of PRISM events.
  • Schedule and attend at least four tutoring sessions (one-on-one or group-study sessions) at the Math & Science Resource Center (MSRC), or provide evidence of attending academic support sessions with John Jay’s Writing Center, Honors Program, SEEK, or any other academic support programs at John Jay.
  • Schedule and attend an academic advisement session (one-on-one or a group session) with our Academic Advisor each semester, or provide evidence of attending an academic advisement session with your academic department’s advisor (after you have completed your first 30 credits);
  • maintain a cumulative GPA 2.5 of and grades above C in your science and math classes.