OSRC Research/Creativity Scholarship Programs

OSRC Research/Creativity Scholarship Programs

The application cycle is open year round!

  1. Early application deadline: January 15
  2. Final application deadline: May 15
  3. Must be enrolled for the entire scholarship year (beginning of fall to end of spring)

Every year The Office for Student Research & Creativity (OSRC) at John Jay College is offering (10) annual scholarships to undergraduate students and (6) to graduate students in the amount of $1,000 each, affording them the opportunity to conduct research or engage in creative works with a John Jay College professor over the course of an academic year. For a detailed description and criteria, please click on the respective tile on the right.

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  Current OSRC Scholarship Recipients:

Congrats 2022/23 Scholarship Recipients!


 Past OSRC Scholarship Recipients

Congrats 2021/22 Scholarship Recipients!


Congrats 2020/21 Scholarship Recipients!



Congrats 2019/20 Scholarship Recipients!

Congrats 2018/19 Scholarship Recipients!

Please contact osrc@jjay.cuny.edu with any questions.