LEAP Peer Program Overview & Advisors

LEAP Peer Program Overview & Advisors

The Linking Experience, Academics, and Practice (LEAP) program provides students with customized major and career exploration, intensive academic advisement, and access to experiential learning opportunities  such as campus-based leadership, community service, and internships. LEAP is a program of the Academic Advisement Center and supports second-semester freshman through their sophomore year.

We collaborate with the Center for Career and Professional Development on career and internship workshops and related events, in addition to offering basic resume and cover letter assistance and help completing experiential learning applications.

The LEAP Peer Advisors are specially trained John Jay undergraduate students from a variety of class standings, majors, and minors. In addition to the guidance and support provided by Senior LEAP Academic Advisors, LEAP Peer Advisors offer students helpful information and insight from their personal experiences at John Jay, such as information on courses or experiential learning opportunities that they’ve participated in.

LEAP Peer Advisors are welcoming and always eager to assist students throughout their college career. They take pride in hosting workshops promoting academic success and experiential learning opportunities that help students gain hands-on experience. They also offer individual and group advisement sessions to review degree requirements, next semester course selection, explore different major and minors, and refer students to appropriate on-campus resources.

Interested in becoming a LEAP Peer? Follow the link below to complete an application today:  https://forms.gle/yNhDanzpCQTZyZab8  

Anna Morin
Major: Forensic Psychology
Minor: Creative Writing


Cynthia Thomas
Major: Forensic Psychology

Yadira Carrillo
Major: Sociology